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Jen's Topdeck Trip - Bavaria!

Published April 14th, 2011

Guten Morgen my fello Aussies!

I'm writing to you from Munich where it is past dinner time! I thought I would give a quick update as I am having a fab time.  My Topdeck trip kicked off this morning at 6am in Frankfurt where I met the rest of my group. We have a great crew from all over the world including New Zealand, South Africa and of course quite a few of my own kind.  We're all enjoying getting to know one another. Amy our Trip Leader is from the UK and has been living the good life with Topdeck for four years.

One of the great things about today was the short detour we were able to take. Since the schedule with Topdeck is quite flexible and we were running on time the group decided to stop at Dachau. This is a concentration camp that was established by the Nazi Government. It was such an amazing cultural experience and it was really grounding to see on our first stop. I've seen many films about Hitler but being there in person to see the gas chambers where so many Jewish people perished was an intense experience.

Dinner at the Hofbrauhaus

One of the highlights of the day was the awesome Lindt bunny display that I found in the Town Centre Marianplatz. This was the chocoholics version of the Hofbrauhaus! The Hofbrauhaus is a famous German beer hall and also where we had dinner tonight. Not only was it Hitler's beer hall of choice, but it's now famous for the most gigantic servings of Pork Knuckle.

Tomorrow my short visit to Bavaria will be over and as we set off for Switzerland! I plan to wear every piece of clothing in my bag as it is going to be cold!

Please share your travel stories to Munich below!

Jenny from Student Flights :)

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