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Jen's Topdeck Trip - Off to Switzerland

Published April 16th, 2011

I am writing this post from the absolutely spectacular town of Lauterbrunnen in the Swiss Alps.  The Topdeck crew left Munich yesterday morning after a great night in Marienplats and the Hofbrauhaus. The coach was a bit quiet and sunnies were on for a few that had obviously enjoyed overindulging in the local culture!

We travelled out of Germany where we had another impromptu excursion. We had some extra time so the team decided to take a detour and visit a country I'd never even heard of! Liechtenstein, one of the smallest countries in Europe, it's really picturesque and has a Swiss look and feel. We stopped and had some schnitzels for lunch and got our passports stamped, just so we could say we had been there!

In the afternoon we stopped in Lucerne which is an adorable city. I’m no architecture buff but the buildings were simply stunning. There's a bridge that was built in the 19th century that has a great story behind it but you will have to visit to find out for yourself!

My Topdeck group in Lucerne

Next was an amazingly scenic drive up into Lauterbrunnen, a tiny town surrounded by snowy peaks. One of the best parts of the drive was how Amy our Topdeck Trip Leader made everyone stand up and talk about themselves. It was great to hear everyone's “most embarrassing moments” as I was in tears laughing over some of them!

Some other great things I learnt from yesterday...

  • I really love Switzerland! It is famous for many things that I like such as chocolate!
  • The story behind Swiss guards who protect the Vatican. Highly trained elite soldiers who in order to qualify for the job had to be virgins!
  • You haven’t seen enough of the world until you have been to Switzerland!!

Stay tuned to hear more from Lauterbrunnen.

Me getting my passport stamped in Liechtenstein!

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