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Published April 19th, 2011

Hi Student Flights Readers,


I'm having such a great time on my Topdeck trip! Switzerland was absolutely breath taking and is now up in my top 5 favourite countries in the world. The scenery is amazing, the people are friendly, the sun was shining and I enjoyed every second of my time there.


Our Topdeck trip leader Amy played a great game with us on the way into Switzerland from Germany. The game was called “what is Switzerland famous for?” and each person had to call out their answers. I was surprised that such a small country with a population of only 7 million was famous for so many reasons. Here are just a few....


• Swiss army knives - A backpacker's best friend. This tool has saved the day many times for most of us travellers! I believe that many travelling friendships have been formed from either borrowing or lending one.


• Swiss chocolate - this is one of my favourite things about Switzerland!


• Swiss bank accounts - traditionally famous for foreign use in order to hide money from the tax man.


• Being Neutral - “I am Switzerland” has become a common saying for “I am not of any opinion”, this phrase helps when you can’t make a decision. This comes from Switzerland’s history of not choosing to get involved in the various European and world wars.


• Swiss Cheese - they make great cheese!


• Fondue - the great cheese they make, also makes great fondue!


• Swiss Cows - the kind of big dairy cows that are cute and carry large bells around their necks. Also used to make great cheese that makes great fondue!


• Swiss Swatch watches - renowned for great quality. Popular with the athletes who do adventure sports in the alpine valley!


• International Red Cross - this one was new to me! The Red Cross help so many people around the world, especially with all the natural disasters. They originated in Switzerland in 1864.


• The Swiss Guard - these are the guards that protect the Vatican and the Pope. They have been around since the 16th century.


Please add anything else you know of that Switzerland is famous for in the comments section below.


Fondue! Made by our Topdeck Chef in Lauterbrunnen

Fondue! Made by our Topdeck Chef in Lauterbrunnen

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