Top 10 Tips on Finding the Best Travel Deal

Published April 12th, 2011

Do you ever feel like the airlines are always going on sale, except when YOU are ready to book! You walk past the Student Flights window every morning for 3 months and see your next holiday begging to be bought, only to find the day you are ready to book its no longer on sale! Well we are here to help! We have put together our top 10 tips on how to make sure you get the best possible deal for your holiday, so that you have more to spend having fun!

1: Plan ahead – its easy to get excited when your mates suggest an impromptu trip to Bali! But this is not the best use of your funds. Instead, be the instigator of the trip. Start planning well in advance as airlines will always sell the cheapest fares first.

2: Book a last minute hotel – now this one is a bit of a gamble! If you follow number 1 and book well in advance, you will be able to get a great deal on your accommodation. However, as your travel dates approach, your hotel may have a lot of vacancies and reduce their rates at the last minute. The only problem here is if you are willing to take the risk and wait around for the last minute rates, you may find the hotel is already booked out and find yourself camping on the beach!

3: Sign up for our E-Newsletter – Student Flights have a weekly e-newsletter with info on any airfare sales, tours, hotels and even the occasional competition where you can win your holiday! Sign up HERE

4: Travel in low season – Avoiding the school holidays is a great way to not pay top dollar, but you can also save by travelling to a destination when its not their peak tourist season. Destinations famous for being popular for Ski holidays in the, may be a great place for a trek or adventure holiday in summer!

5: Make the most of stop over’s – this is where you can add value to your trip. If your planning an international trip, consider which airlines have stop over’s and stay a few days. This way you can get an extra stamp on your passport, experience a new place and not even have to pay extra to fly there. It’s like a mini holiday within your holiday!

6: Only take carry on baggage – most low cost carriers now charge to check luggage. Consider if you need that 3rd pair of heels, hand Super Ted on to your little brother and pack light. Carry on within the weight and size limits will cost you nothing.

7: Research your ticket – check the terms and conditions, check how many stop over’s, check how much it costs to change your ticket should you need to. This can end up being a costly thing if you have a non-flexible fair.

8: Take a road trip to another departure point – check the cost of other airports in your area, you may find flights to the same destination are cheaper. I’m sure your girlfriend won’t mind the 3 hour drive to drop you off so you can save twenty bucks!

9: Travel with a mate – This is great when your planning to hire a car or travel in Taxis. If your destination requires these methods of transport, ask a friend along to split the cost.

10: Get travel insurance – Following all these steps can you get you the cheapest airline ticket, the best last minute hotel price, a sometimes even a free bungy jump because you went naked! But there is no point planning a cheap trip if you don’t have the insurance to back you up should something go wrong.

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