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Amazing 3D Building Animations from Around the World

Published May 16th, 2011

3D Projection Mapping is a form of eye candy for all the tech geeks out there. But it's also a great way to appreciate some of the already amazing man made wonders of the world. Imagine visiting the Colosseum only to find it is on fire when you arrive! (check it out for yourself)


There are many reasons why this has become a form of entertainment, other than the fact that it's visually spectacular! It has also become a way for artists to express themselves, charities to promote their campaigns, companies to launch new products, and cities to hype up their man made attractions. We don't mind why, all we know is that it's fantastic to watch.



One of the best displays we found was created at the Pharo Palace in Marseille, France. It was made by Adidas and is really impressive.


Check out some our favourite destinations that have been lucky enough to have the 3D experience:


  • Dubai - This one is by Fanta and was created in a Mall in Dubai.
  • Amsterdam - Clothing brand H&M recently decorated their flagship store with this amazing spectacular filmed in the city centre of Amsterdam.
  • Prague - this is amazing and was filmed  at the Astronomical Clock in Old Town Square in the centre of Prague.
  • Singapore - this display was created at a nightfestival for The National Museum of Singapore.
  • Vancouver - Vancouver Art Gallery used 3D projection mapping as a way of telling a story. So magnificent!

And now for our favourite which is of course Sydney! Check out the The Hot Wheels promo created at Customs House!


It's obvious that watching these in 2D is not as great as first hand, but many of these displays are a once-off or only on for a short time. If you are lucky enough see any buildings go up in lights in your travels, get your phone out and hit record!


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