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New Zealand’s Action Packed South Island

Published May 10th, 2011

Kristen Whitson of Student Flights heads to New Zealand’s South Island for an adrenalin infused holiday. A short yet action packed break that left Kristen just enough time to explore Queenstown. Kirsten, tell us about your trip.


Recently, I was on a Contiki tour of New Zealand’s South Island and had the best time. Who would have thought you could fit so much into such a small place. It's absolutely amazing; you have to experience it for yourself.


While on my tour I tried to fit in as many activities as possible! Skydiving, bungy jumping, canyon swing, shot over jet, skyline gondola, hiking the glaciers and of course partying hard. There simply was not enough time to fit it all in. Unfortunately, the luge was not up and running but I will be going back to give it a go.

New Zealand's North Island


Although all the activities were amazing, my favorite activity was probably Sky Diving. I got talked into it by one of my friends from the tour, I was absolutely petrified and was shaking! But of course the jump was amazing, I loved it and wanted to go straight back up and do it again!


I found Contiki a fantastic way of getting around and seeing the sights. I never thought that I would be an organised tour kind of traveller but I had limited time so figured I would give it a go. When travelling, I have always wanted to do my own thing. I never wanted to be kept to a schedule and definitely did not want early mornings. Who wants those when they are on holidays? Well, it was fantastic! I could switch off and enjoy my holiday because they had everything organized. I could tell them what I wanted and they would arrange my transport, accommodation and activities. Yes, I still had a few early mornings, but New Zealand is amazing at that time of the morning. I never felt like I missed out on anything and I still had so much free time. The tour leaders were fantastic and have a wealth of local knowledge. Everything from the nearest ATM to the best places for food and night life. They went above and beyond to make my holiday a success.



Some important advice from my trip...if you want one of the biggest and best burgers, you have to go to Fergburger in Queenstown! I have never seen a burger menu this big. Any burger you can think of will be on the menu board.


New Zealand’s South Island is seriously an adventure capital, but it also has the most breathtaking scenery. So, whatever you are looking for in a holiday, I know the South Island will be sure to please.  If you want a holiday destination where you can chill out, party or experience the biggest adrenalin rush, New Zealand’s South Island is for you.


Queenstown is Breathtaking!

Interested in a Contiki tour or looking for more information about travelling to New Zealand’s South Island for an action packed holiday? Contact [email]text= Kristen Whitson[/email], an International Travel Consultant with Student Flights in Cairns who can be contacted at 1300 838 594 or by [email]text=email[/email].


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