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Published May 11th, 2011

This is our second "Off the Beaten Track" post. You can expect regular updates on this topic where we will share stories of places that travellers have been and discovered something that you would not discover in a typical guidebook. Enjoy!


Everyone loves a festival, but if you are well travelled and have been to a few, maybe it's time to get off the beaten track and try baby jumping, tuna tossing or cheese rolling. These are some of the wacky pastimes being celebrated in Europe, the UK, Asia and America.



  1. El Colacho: the Baby-Jumping Festival (Spain), where grown men leap over newborn babies! Donning scary, vaguely Elvis-like costumes and wielding whips and truncheons!
  2. Hadakamatsuri: The Naked Festival (Japan) Participants wear a loincloth (called fundoshi) with a short happi coat.! Hidden somewhere in the midst of all these men in loincloths is one fully naked man, who brings good lucHoli: the Festival of Colors (India)
  3. Holi is a popular Hindu spring festival in India, Guyana, and Nepal where locals collaborate on the streets to throw coloured powder and water at each other.
  4. Cheese Rolling Festival: Cotswolds (England) This goofy cheese-rolling activity is actually very dangerous. Racers zoom down the hill chasing a wheel of cheese. First to the bottom wins the cheese. Police have attempted to ban the event!
  5. Tunarama: the Tuna Tossing Festival (Australia) The Tunarama festival, held in Port Lincoln on the tip of Eyre Peninsula, Australia Day long weekend in January. The highlight of the festival is the tuna tossing competition.

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Holi Hindu Festival


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