10 Funniest Travel Questions

Published June 1st, 2011

While most travellers and smart, savvy and worldly it would seem not all travellers across the globe remember to engage their brains while travelling the world.


We had an ask around within those working in the travel and tourism industry in Australia for some of the funny questions they have been asked. Here are some of the highlights.

Perhaps they were unsure if it was AM or PM?

Not sure what is more surprising here. The fact that someone asked the question or the fact that a hotel saw the need to state there wasn't a hairdressers salon on site!

I'm sure this one has happened more than once. There might be tourists hunting Austria for the Opera House and kangaroos in the Alps as well!

I guess that might be true but not sure that was the answer they were seeking!

A question that is likely to raise a few security alarm bells!

Sounds a bit niche but anything is possible when it comes to weird ways to get married in Vegas!

This one sounds a bit dangerous on a cruise.


Perhaps they have an unusual blood type? Seems an odd thing to carry around though.

Might take a while to manually put together. That said, there is an app for that now if they have an iPhone but the breaks between toilets might be longer than they expect.

Things are a little further apart in Australia than many overseas visitors imagine.


We hope you enjoyed this article and the cartoons. Be sure to share with your friends or leave your comments with other funny questions you have been asked on your travels.



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