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10 Roads To Drive Before You Die

Published June 17th, 2011

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a petrol head then read on to see ten of the ultimate roads you must experience if your life. With cheap international flights and many car rental firms offering luxury or sports cars as an option then these roads are not as out of reach as you might think.


1: Selvio Pass, Italy



The Selvio Pass is a truly spectucular piece of road building in the Italian Alps north of Bormio and close to the Swiss border. The section of road seen in the photo above is a climb with 48 hairpin turns. The road peaks at an ear popping 2754 metres (9054 feet) so expect to feel the temperature drop as you climb. While the scenery may be spectacular this is a road where your eyes need to be on the road at all times.

A few years ago the boys at Top Gear went on a quest for find the best driving roads in the world and this was one of their top picks. See their experiences of driving some of the world's best super cars on the best driving roads.

2: San Bernardino Pass, Switzerland


Only open during the summer months due to heavy snow in the winter this road in the Swiss Alps combines perfectly smooth asphalt, sweeping turns and stunning scenery of mountains and lakes.


3: Col De Turini, France


Be thankful you are doing this in a car and not cycling. This pass is built on a mountain that does not exactly lend itself to road building but is achieved by what feels like an endless set of hairpin bends. Make sure you stop off at the viewpoints along the way to give your brain a rest and to soak up the amazing views.


4: Transfagarasan, Romania



Take a huge mountain range, 6 million tons of dynamite, an army of men and millions of cubic metres of asphalt and this is what you get...the Transfagarasan road in Romania. This was another road that the Top Gear team visited in 2009 and declared it was even better than the Selvio Pass. Take a look and decide for yourself.



5: Los Caracoles Pass – Andes


Probably not too fun in a coach or a car with a small engine if you get stuck behind the big trucks slugging their way through.


6: Lysebotn Road, Norway



Dropping 800 metres in 8 kilometres this summer only road in Norway has switchbacks, narrow stone tunnels and narrow lanes to negotiate. It has become something of a mecca for motorcyclists in recent years. Experience the road from a riders view below.


7: Guoliang Road Tunnel, China



Road cut into the cliffs and has no barriers in parts (above). Inside the tunnel (below)


The road is located in Hunan province and is considered one of the most dangerous tunnels in the world.


Take a ride through the tunnel in the video above.


8: Chapman's Peak Road, South Africa


Hugging the near vertical red cliff face, Chapman's Peak Road in South Africa has to be one of the most spectacular coastal roads in the world. Long winding curves in and out of bays with rock face on one side and ocean on the other is an amazing combination and true driving heaven.


9: Tuktoyaktuk Winter Road and Ice Highways, Canada


Things get pretty cold in Northern Canada during the winters and some of the major waterways that get frozen over become ice highways that people use with snow and ice tyres. There's plenty of room so don't tailgate here, you might find stopping distances are a bit longer than normal.


10: 'Road of Death' , Bolivia - maybe leave till last..just in case!


You can do the other roads in any order but you may want to save this one till last. The nickname 'Road of Death' is one that the North Yungas Road in Bolivia sadly lives up to, claiming the lives of around 200-300 people every year. Cars share the narrow two way road with trucks and coaches with shear cliff faces along much of the road. To make things worse the road is not fully paved, is subject to frequent landslides and has no barriers on most of the route. Despite this, thousands of backpackers do the trip every year. Do this one at your own risk, not one we would recommend!

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Article by Richard Greenwood, keen traveller and car lover.

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