I lived at Uluru!

Published June 9th, 2011

Our Social Media Specialist Jenny likes to spend her time doing other things than just cruising the net, blogging and tweeting, she also of course loves to travel! Today she shares her story of the year she spent living and working in Uluru!


In 2001 a bunch of friends and I set out to Central Australia to check out a 900 million year old rock, also known as Uluru! We decided to fly out and spend New Years, check out what jobs were available and if we found one, it was meant to be!


We arrived on New Years Eve and had the most amazing night, celebrating with other backpackers and the locals from Ayers Rock Resort. We fell in love with the place instantly, the town of Yulara had such a great community, we had so much fun and made many new friends we just didn’t want to leave.


Friends from Uluru

Friends from Uluru

It didn’t take long and we had all found jobs. I was lucky to score an awesome job, working for the resort tour desk, organising scenic flights, 4WD hire, camping, glamping and outback dinners under the stars!


I figured that I couldn’t book tours for others, and not know what I was talking about, so I got out and explored the area. I proceeded to spend the rest of that year hiking, swimming, mountain biking, quad biking and even rode on a Harley Davidson. My absolute favourite activity was a dinner in the desert under the stars know as "The Sounds of Silence". I didn’t realise the outback had so much to offer!


Harley Ride around Uluru

Harley ride around Uluru

Uluru and Kata Tjuta are the main attractions, the sunrise and sunset are visually amazing! My most memorable place to explore was Kings Canyon, a maze of sandstone cliffs towering over lush greenery, complete with a swimming hole to cool off after a long hike.


My other favourite activity was the scenic flights, and I ended up on a few helicopter and small plane flights around the area. I had to dress like a backpacker to fit in so I could get staff rates, this meant I made a few new friends along the way!


Chopper Ride

Helicopter ride anyone?

Now that I am a bit older I like to think about what I gained personally from my travel experiences, rather than how much of a blast I had. So when I think about the year I spent in Central Oz, I realise that one of the best things I gained was a great understanding of our Aboriginal culture. The Anangju people of the area are amazing and taught me so much about their ancestry. Such great story tellers, but I guess this is a story within its self! So if your in Australia to work or travel, or even if you just need a year off from the rat race, get out to Central Australia and explore!!


If you want to know more about life at Uluru, please ask away in the comments section below - Jenny


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