If you have Mondayitis, watch this for Thailand travel inspiration!

Published June 27th, 2011

It seems like everyone is struggling today, Mondayitis is rife and everyone looks like they are dragging themselves around! If you are a dedicated traveller but are in a bit of a travel rut, or have been daydreaming about a well deserved trip for too long, here is what you need to do...


  • read this blog,
  • get some inspiration,
  • get back to work,

and start saving for your next trip to one of the most amazing countries on earth. Thailand!


One word of warning...if you have severe Mondayitis, you may watch this collection of short films and suddenly find yourself in a cab to the airport!!


This first clip is a short film based on true events. It is an inspirational story of a small floating village called Koh Panyee. The children of Koh Panyee overcame the fact that they had no soil on which to play and started a soccer team! Only to become one of Thailands best football clubs.



This next clip was made by the Thai Tourism Authority as part of a new advertising campaign. It is a great representation of the amazing Thai people and seriously made everyone in the Student Flights office want to book one of our own cheap flights and get on the next plane!



The last video is one for the iPhone fans! It was made with an app called Realtime TiltShift Video, which allows you to “miniaturize” your videos. Make sure you download this app and share the videos you make on our blog below or Facebook page…


Toy Thailand from joerg daiber on Vimeo.


So if you are stressed out this Monday, it's OK, don't worry or “Mai-Pen-Rai” and check out our cheap flights or student airfares to book the trip you have been day-dreaming about!


Paul Ellender

I've had the privilege of travelling the world and experiencing a variety of cultures. Whether trekking through the jungle in Thailand or crunching down on a baguette in Paris, I'm always looking to experience life like the locals do it. Follow me - @PEllender | Google+ | LinkedIn | Pinterest