Up for a game of golf on your next flight? Airplanes of the future...

Published June 20th, 2011

Aircraft manufacturers Airbus have unveiled some great ideas for "airplanes of the future". The futuristic cabin design has some amazing use of augmented reality.  Passengers can play virtual golf or simply wave a hand for assistance using gesture recognition. It is looking like the future of air-travel is getting rather comfy, think airport lounge in the sky, and no more slumming it on cheap international flights!!


Other amazing features include:

-         Morphing seats to fit your body shape.

-         In-flight entertainment powered by energy harvested from your body heat.

-         Holographic in-flight entertainment displays.


One of the most important features of the aircraft is the focus on eco-efficiency.  Prepare to be impressed by this video!




Do you have any ideas for an aircraft of the future? Please share with us below...

Paul Ellender

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