Winners of the Cars 2 Movie Tickets!!!

Published June 23rd, 2011

Hi friends!!


Yesterday we were feeling generous, and our good friends at Quickbeds.com gave us some movie tickets to give away to our fans.


All you had to do to enter was answer the question in the comments section in our blog, and we chose our 4 favourite answers.


If you have a reply on your answer in our blog, it’s you!! (GIVEAWAY TO DISNEY-PIXAR MOVIE CARS 2). You will also be notified by email or Facebook message.




If you won the Admit 4 movie tickets, who would you take and why?


And the lucky winners are...


Bec Young for being a good friend :)

I would take my best mates from school as a celebratory yee-haaaaa for making it through mid-year VCE exams!


Lauren Kelli Grimwade - For loving Disney movies (and recruiting her boyfriend)!

I would take my boyfriend and my two little sisters to see Cars 2. I LOVE Disney movies, and everyone always comments on my "childish" movie collection. I would take my little sisters as they have just started school holidays, it gets them out of the house, they love spending time with me, and can use them as an excuse to go myself (as none of my other friends would go with me). I would also drag my boyfriend along as I am trying to introduce him to more Disney movies, so maybe he will watch others with me!


Stan Chua –for helping fellow travellers!

My friends from Korea, as this is their first time travelling to Melbourne and I think this would be a great experience for them! 1 of them is having her birthday soon, and free movie tickets would be a nice surprise too


Shantell Kocwin for the cutest answer

I would take my 3 yr old son and 2 yr old son as they are MASSIVE fans. Since seeing the ad for cars 2 my son keeps asking me to take him. He doesn't quite understand it is not at the cinema yet. So he says its not fixed yet mummy :-) I would also take my hubby because he is the biggest kid of them all. Fingers crossed so tight LOL



Because you have 7 kids, we managed to find an extra (admit 4) ticket for you as you must need a break!

I would take all 7 of my kids and then only have to pay for 4 :)
Being a big family and working we don't get to the movies very often but what a surprise it would be for them to go We all loved Cars and the kids are hanging out for Cars 2 me too it brought back memories and the adrenaline rush of when i was younger and racing !!


If you have won we will notify you by email or Facebook Message. Thanks again for entering our competition.

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