In-flight entertainment - it doesn't need to be boring

Published July 29th, 2011


Flying doesn't have to be boring. Especially now that airlines are thinking of new forms of in-flight entertainment to entertain us. A trend of entertaining air safety and in-flight entertainment videos is emerging, some that involve our favourite celebrities. The team at student flights did some research and have listed some of our favourite vid's made by some very creative airlines...


Turkish Airlines have teamed up with Manchester United to make a series of in-flight safety and entertainment videos.




That is a good one, but we also really like this one...



Air New Zealand have a YouTube Channel dedicated to their humorous videos. This air-safety flick with Richard Simmons is an absolute classic!!



Rico is a character created by Air New Zealand who has been travelling the world and mixing with the likes of Snoop Dog!!



One of the staff at Southwest Airlines was bored of his usual "welcome announcement" and decided to rap it!



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