The 5 most important things I learnt as a backpacker…#3 There is always a job, it just depends what you are willing to do!.

Published July 15th, 2011

Meet Lizzy, our Resident Backpacker Extraordinaire! Her passion in life is backpacking, amongst other things, but the others aren’t nearly as interesting! She has travelled on and off for the past 10 years, lived in 5 different countries, and visited over 35 countries across South, Central, and North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Caribbean. She now lives in Montreal, Canada with her partner where she constantly confuses the French word for ‘maybe ’for the word for ‘potato’ and plans her next big trip.


This is Lizzy's third blog post from the series “The 5 most important things I learnt as a backpacker” you can also check out her other blogs “#1 Travel Light”  &  "#2 I can sleep anywhere!"...

There is always a job

There is always a job


#3 There is always a job, it just depends what you are willing to do!

Over my years of backpacking I’ve worked some weird, wonderful and not so wonderful places. This is true of pretty much any backpacker who has spent time living and working overseas, Heck, I’m pretty sure if Aussie’s and New Zealanders didn’t work while travelling, the entire UK pub system would grind to a halt! The ski hills across north America would be laying in ruins!


20 Jobs in 20 Months!

On my first overseas working holiday I managed to total 20 jobs in 2 months, that’s averaging 2+  per week (which probably speaks the truth of my work ethic as an 18 year old, but also tells you that there’s plenty of work to go around).

I’ve worked as a waitress in an Indian Restaurant complete with mirrored Punjabi dress, where they had a swingers bar down stairs called ‘the coq pit’. I have bussed tables at an exclusive Knightsbridge restaurant where I spilled a bottle of wine on a man’s crotch and proceeded to try and wipe it up. I’ve tended bar at a pub in London where I got fired for telling the manager his son had an abnormally large head and should probably see a doctor (not my finest hour but the kid kept walking round in circles and falling over). I’ve been a London Tour Guide (complete with fake English accent) and lied to American’s that Crystal Palace (a TV receiver) was in fact the Eiffel Tower.


I have also done every admin job on the planet!

I once worked reception in a place that had free Pepsi, I drank so much of it I couldn’t taste anything for 3 days – true story! I’ve worked in Hotels on ski fields, and once while working in a bank got a bomb threat against me (it’s a long story and totally was not my fault). I worked in a call centre where I had to have a translator to speak to my Scottish boss. I even did a day’s work as an extra in Mumbai (it was a mobile phone ad and my part was downgraded when they saw me try and dance).



The point is, even I, with my stellar track record have been able to find a job where ever I have lived. Well, except for that fact I’m currently unemployed, shocking I know! Anyone hiring?

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Make a comment below and tell us about the weird and wonderful jobs you have had while travelling!!

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