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Published July 21st, 2011


Thanks to all our fans that entered our giveaway of...


2 x 2 Vmax Movie passes to

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

The only way to see the big movies is on the big screen in Vmax!

You will find more info on exclusive footage of the movie and the ticket giveaway on our previous blog post...

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We are pleased to announce our favourite answers to the question...

Do you have any friends that look like a character out of the Harry Potter series? Who and Why?

Pauline Olsen When my brother was a kid he had the same Ron Weasley blue eyes, red hair and freckles. These pictures show they even have the same nose and mouth!

Pauline, we award you for putting up this great pic of your brother. We are sure you will be in a bit of trouble for this!!

Ron Weasley

Ron Weasley

















We would also like to award...


Claire Barton

My ex-boyfriend looks exactly like Lucius Malfoy with his pointy face, long blonde hair and cold grey eyes, just as much a Slytherin snake and equally as evil too! Luckily I broke his spell over me and escaped being a Prisoner of Azkaban in his Chamber of Secrets! Who knows what my Muggle fate would have been?


Fantastic answer with great references to the movie. Not sure he would be happy with you sharing too much about his "chamber of secrets" (oh dear)!


Thanks again everyone who entered. We hope you all get out to see the new film soon.



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