Schoolies Overseas - NO Toolies, Foolies or Droolies!

Published September 8th, 2011

With air travel being so affordable, the Gold Coast is no longer the only place to go for Schoolies. For around the same cost, you can now travel to an amazing location such as Bali, Fiji or New Zealand.


Lets face it, not everyone has parents cool enough to let them go overseas with a bunch of friends who may not even be eighteen yet. Well, Student Flights are here to help you work on your parents so you can have the "Ultimate Schoolies Experience"


Tell your parents that student flights have overseas schoolies options where you are only mixing with people your own age. That's right, no Toolies, Foolies or Droolies!


Our friends at Unleashed Travel have options in Fiji and Vanuatu where the resorts are strictly schoolies only, for example the whole island is chartered exclusively for schoolies week. No toolies, no creepy old people just 17 and 18 years old like minded schoolies from Australia.


Top 10 reasons to travel with Unleashed:

1. Packages designed specifically for schoolies.

2. Holiday and party in most exotic locations.

3. Travel and hang with schoolies, no toolies or droolies.

4. Accompanied by the very cool "Unleashed Crew".

5. Stress free travel, all arrangements organised.

6. Awesome international DJ's and massive parties.

7. Their day time activities that will knock your socks off.

8. Get to experience different cultures and customs.

9.  Stay at amazing resorts specifically for schoolies.

10. Unleashed are the no.1 overseas schoolies travel company.



Schoolies week is something that only comes around once in a lifetime, so your destination and experience should be the trip of a lifetime. Let us help you to experience a new country, culture and travel in a stress free way with all arrangements organised.



Make a comment below and tell us where your planning to go for Schoolies?

You can also check out the Schoolies Unleashed options via our website  www.studentflights.com.au.


Paul Ellender

I've had the privilege of travelling the world and experiencing a variety of cultures. Whether trekking through the jungle in Thailand or crunching down on a baguette in Paris, I'm always looking to experience life like the locals do it. Follow me - @PEllender | Google+ | LinkedIn | Pinterest