WIN the ultimate schoolies week for you and 3 mates!

Published September 6th, 2011

Schoolies week began in the 1970's when year 12 students began migrating to Broadbeach on the Gold Coast. Over the past few decades it has become the week that year 12 students around Australia spend the whole year anticipating.  The Gold Coast is still a hugely popular destination, but with international travel becoming so much more affordable, teenagers are setting their sights on destinations further afield.


Realising that Schoolies are our gap year customers of the future, the team at Student Flights have decided to reward you for all your hard work with a free trip!! We are giving away the "ultimate schoolies week" but we are not going to send you to the Gold Coast, it's cool to be different these days!

Here is what you can win...

The ultimate Schoolies week for yourself and 3 mates. Destination is your choice from Bali, Fiji or Vanuatu.  You get return airfares, accommodation, some meals, return airport transfers, daily activities and entertainment (including international DJ's). Plus so much more!!!

To enter go to our facebook page, or click on this picture:




If you would like to know more about schoolies overseas options, check out our deals on www.studentflights.com.au.



Paul Ellender

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