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My Journey through Thailand

Published October 10th, 2011

Student Flights’ Sharisse Pedersen travels to Thailand where she enjoys her favourite dish, Pad Thai. Sharisse visits Phuket where she stays at Deevna Resort on Patong Beach. She also takes a trip to Phi Phi Island. Sharisse’s Thai vacation also includes time in Chiang Mai and Bangkok. Sharisse tells us about her time in Thailand.


I love Pad Thai, so when I got to Thailand I was in paradise! The cheap shopping, amazing islands, and friendly people are just some of the many things I love about Thailand.

The first time I went to Thailand, my first stop was Phuket. Flying over the beach and being able to see the whole coast line from above was definitely an amazing start to our stay in Phuket! I stayed at Deevna Resort just off the main streets of Patong Beach. Because the hotel was off the main streets of Patong it was quiet, but still only a short walk to markets, restaurants and a five minute walk from the beach.

We took a short drive (thirty minutes or so) from Patong Beach to a secluded beach called Nai Yang Beach. Here we found a small restaurant with fresh fish and seafood ready for us to choose from. There was a local lady who showed us to a table on the beach overlooking the amazing view.  Here we had a freshly cooked meal and the best Pad Thai I have ever eaten.


Phi Phi Island is a must when you are in Phuket. I did a day tour while in Phuket and would love to stay at least a few nights next time. The beaches on the Phi Phi Islands are picture perfect. We got to stop off at many spots during the day and got to feed the fish which were swimming around with us. We also got to spot a monkey while we were having lunch on the beach.


Chiang Mai is very different to Phi Phi/Phuket. However, it is just as relaxing in its own way. There is so much culture to see while in Chiang Mai. I noticed the markets in Chiang Mai were quite different compared to Phuket – there were lots of wooden decorative carvings, paintings and silk products. I got to visit the many temples in Chiang Mai and also see how the Thai people make silk which is something very different.


I found Bangkok to be quite different to the other parts of Thailand that I had been to. To get around, you can use the public transport – the rail system in Bangkok is a great way to get around and to avoid peak hour which lasts most of the morning and afternoon in the city. I was luckily enough to see the city from above by visiting Pier 59, a restaurant located on the rooftop of the Banyan Tree Bangkok.


I enjoyed ending my trip in Bangkok by finishing up with a little shopping. There are so many markets and huge shopping centers to choose from in Bangkok. It is a great way to end a trip if you love to shop because you don’t have to carry around everything you’ve bought during your trip.


So, whatever it is that you are looking for in a destination, whether it is relaxing on the beach, a shopping trip or trekking in the hinterlands, I believe that Thailand has it all!


Looking for more information about travelling to Thailand? Contact [email]text=Sharisse Pedersen[/email], an International Travel Consultant with Student Flights based on the St.Lucia Campus of the University of Queensland who can be reached at 1300 052 966 or by [email]text=email[/email].