Support the local team! by Kristen Whitson

Published January 25th, 2012

One of my favourite experiences in New York was the opening season NFL game, in the brand new Meadowlands Stadium watching the New York Giants play. I managed to get last minute tickets and sat four rows from the back of the stadium amongst 80,000 mad fans! The excitement and passion for the game was amazing! Before and after the game you can mix with the locals as they enjoy tailgate parties in the car park. They set up tents, BBQ’s, tables and chairs and equip their area with big screen
TV’s so they can relive the game all over again!


Kristen Whitson - Toronto Blue Jays

I saw a few baseball games in Canada as well. Their  teams play something like 163 games per season, so there is always a game on and you can pick up tickets from as little as $20. Rogers Stadium is in Toronto city centre, right beside the CN Tower and close enough to the Loose Moose bar to conveniently carry on celebrating after the game! Even on a Tuesday afternoon there was not a dull moment; a marriage proposal, lots of birthday shout-outs, the kiss-cam and my stand was lucky to win hotdogs! All in all, a lot of fun!


Kristen Whitson
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