Hop on, hop off and back on, and back off. . .

Published February 21st, 2012

Backpacking when you’re a student can be an affordable way of seeing the sights of the world, but if the idea of hitchhiking your way around makes you shiver with terror, then a bus pass could be just for you. Hop on hop off bus passes offer excellent value for money and allow you to travel at a pace that suits you.


Many hop on hop off services offer the added bonus of guided tours and pre-booked hostels – not to mention the opportunity to meet other travellers along the way.


BackpackersIn most cases, a hop on hop off bus pass would allow you to travel over a long period of time throughout a specific network of bus routes. This could be across Europe, New Zealand, even around Australia. The best part being, that you can explore your favourite areas for as long as you wish, and then hop straight back on when the time suits you.


Imagine finding a secluded beach, no tourists in sight, just the locals living a non tourist-infected life – why not live like the locals and truly immerse yourself in the culture. A hop on hop off bus tour would allow you to do just that!


Looking to see Europe? The Busabout Explorer is a great value, flexible way to get about. Buy a pass on the loop route of your choice, start from any European city on the loop and travel at your own pace. You can stay as long as you like at each stop, then when you are ready to move on, just jump on the next Busabout bus and hit your next destination. For more information about the Busabout tours – Click here!


For more information about the many other Student Flights bus tours - Click here! To make a booking call one of our consultants on 1800 046 462.

Paul Ellender

I've had the privilege of travelling the world and experiencing a variety of cultures. Whether trekking through the jungle in Thailand or crunching down on a baguette in Paris, I'm always looking to experience life like the locals do it. Follow me - @PEllender | Google+ | LinkedIn | Pinterest