Mexico - my impressions by Matthew Coyle

Published February 27th, 2012

I first went to Mexico in 2004 and spent three months exploring everything it has to offer. I have since returned three more times. Here are some of my impressions.


The Mexicans

You will fall in love with the Mexican people as they are so welcoming and very warm towards foreign tourists. They give Mexico its charm.


Mexican Hot Spots

The vast landscape has everything from the cactus filled deserts of the north to the once Mayan controlled rainforests of the south.



The Pacific Coast on the west has its quiet secluded beaches where you find the locals will holiday sipping on Margaritas, deep-sea fishing and surfing the world famous surf breaks.

Over to the east the colour of the Caribbean has to be seen to be believed. Its beaches stretch around the Yucatan Peninsula and are dotted with secluded shacks, ancient Mayan cities and of course the larger five star resorts and world famous super-clubs of Cancun.


Real Mexican Food

It is an explosion of flavour and amazing colour which can’t be recreated anywhere else in the world. Every city has its own unique dish so you will never be eating the same thing over and over. Eating Mexican food from street vendors is highly recommended. The tacos will cost you 20 cents each which gives you an idea of how far your money will go.


Matthew Coyle
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