San Francisco by Amanda Doolan

Published February 3rd, 2012

San Francisco's historic and colourful street cars that travel up and down Market Street were imported from many places around the world and still resemble the design of their native country. You could purchase an overpriced ticket on the local buses, or hop-on one of San Francisco's vintage F-Line street cars or for $1.50 take a delightful tour of downtown and Fisherman's Wharf and the seal clad Pier 39 by rail, all the way up into the colourful and once controversial suburb of Castro.  Here you'll find a grand movie theatre, built in 1922, where $10 will buy you a ticket that will transport you back in time, from its cylinder ticket booth at the front, the red and white popcorn boxes, and the velvet curtains that unveil the screen.


Lombard St, San Fransisco

Also, ensure you make the effort to go up Lombard Street. As well as being very steep, Lombard Street claims to be the crookedest street in the world.  A visit to the ‘Painted Ladies’, a series of brightly painted houses, seen in many films, is absolutely free. You'll be surprised how many times you'll see them appear in Hollywood blockbusters.


Amanda Doolan
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