Ski Australia by Samantha Towne

Published February 7th, 2012

Feel like not venturing too far on holiday or don't have a passport? Why not go to the snow! Sam Towne from Alexandra Headlands had an amazing time in Thredbo and has some great tips for any would be skiers.



I just came back from a 3 day trip with Oz Snow to Thredbo in NSW and had the time of my life. Never had I been skiing before but now I am totally addicted! I thought since I had never done this before I would give skiing a go first as I had been told that if you are first timer, snowboarding is quite hard and you spend most of the time on your butt!



The best way to get to Thredbo is to fly to Canberra and get the transfer which is approximately two and a half hours. Stopping at Jindabyne, we picked up our gear (all included in the price). We got fitted for boots, skis, poles, parker and pants all within five minutes! They certainly knew what they were doing.

Sam Towne - Ski australia



Friday Flats

We stayed at the River Inn which is a ski-in ski-out resort right at the entrance to Friday Flats and the lifts to the harder slopes. I highly recommend that you pay that little bit extra to stay near the slopes. Staying down at Jindabyne, the bus transfer can take up to an hour or more. The River Inn was amazing. The staff were so friendly and the food was amazing. You can have up to six people in a room if you are on a budget.



Ski Lessons

We started the first day with a two hour lesson with one of the amazing ski instructors. By the end of the two hours, I felt confident enough to hit the slopes! After a short scenic ride on the chair lift, I got to the top and reality set in. I had to get down! All I could think of was 'snow plough' and 'newspaper'. In other words 'stopping' and 'balancing'! So off I went and WOOHOO all the way to bottom without falling! After another three runs I felt brave enough to attempt some intermediate runs over at Merrits. A tad scarier but so thrilling!

At 3pm the River Inn has 'Shot Time'. They bring out trays of shots of yummy schnapps to warm you up. The sun is shining and everyone is very merry singing along to music and enjoying the natural high of skiing/boarding! Be prepared the next day to feel muscles that you never knew existed and a soreness that lasts a week. It is totally worth it!


Ski SeasonSam Towne - Ski Australia

The best time to go is the end of July to August as that is when they get the most snow fall, but if you are looking for a cheaper time then low season starts around the 28th August.

Looking for more information about skiing in Thredbo? Contact Sam Towne, an Assistant Team Leader with Student Flights based in Alexandra Headlands, Queensland who can be reached at 1300 051 365 or by sam.towne@studentflights.com.au.


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