Top five adventure spots

Published March 23rd, 2012

Days spent hypnotized by Facebook and mind numbing nights watching cooking shows not cutting it for you anymore? Now is the time to get off the couch, get out of your comfort zone and shake things up a bit with an adventure holiday. As lovers of adventure travel we have a long list of favourites. It wasn’t easy but we managed to narrow it down to our top five adventure spots to help you get motivated and inspired.


The Amazon Jungle, Ecuador

With an astonishing 1.7 billion acres of jungle to explore, the Amazon Jungle would have to be one of the world’s best adventure spots. The jungle spans across much of South America including Brazil, Peru, Venezuela and Bolivia. For the best vantage point however, we love visiting Ecuador where the Ecuadorian Amazon is easily accessible and hosts a number of adventure tours. As the most bio-diverse area in the world, the jungle’s wildlife is sure to be the highlight of your adventure. Opt for a jungle walk or navigate the waterways on a canoe and keep your eyes peeled for ocelots, monkeys, macaws and jaguars.


Queenstown, New ZealandQueenstown

More than just a popular ski destination, Queenstown is the ultimate playground for adrenalin junkies. If high speeds and soaring through the air is your idea of fun then the South Island’s ‘adventure capital’ is sure to show you a good time. Take your pick from jet boating, skiing, snowboarding, sky diving, bungy jumping and even helicopter rides. If you’d prefer to travel at a slower pace you can always enjoy a cruise of the spectacular Milford Sound or trek the Fiordland National Park.


The Rockies, Canada

The Canadian Rockies are spread diagonally across the country for over 1000 kilometres from Alberta to British Columbia.  Along the shale and limestone Rockies are a total of five national parks, each offering a unique vantage point and spectacular scenery to explore. Choose a tour provider that suits your travel style and you could experience this magnificent part of the world by hiking through alpine forests, mountain biking through rugged wilderness or rafting over river rapids.


Serengeti, TanzaniaAfrica_safari

From north Tanzania to the South West of Kenya lies the Serengeti Plains, a region of Africa that hosts the world’s largest mammal migration. Totalling an area of 15,000 square kilometres, the Serengeti is comprised of The Serengeti National Park, several game reserves and is inhabited by 70 species of large mammals including zebras, gazelles, buffalos, rhinos, lions and elephants. Experience this thrilling destination on a guided trek or overlanding safari and enjoy an adventure of a life time.


Indochina, Asia

Made up of Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand, Indochina refers to the region in Southeast Asia that was once colonised by the French. Today the exotic area is a popular travel destination beloved for its enchanting culture and promise of adventure. To fully experience the thrill and excitement of Indochina we recommend joining a tour where you can immerse yourself within the expedition and visit the region’s highlights including Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi and Bangkok. Trek along the Mekong River in Laos, explore the Agkor temples of Cambodia and discover the hidden secrets of Thailand. A magical journey you won’t want to miss.


Where are your favourite adventure spots? 


Lauren Burvill

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