Personal impressions of Paris by Renee Kelly

Published March 8th, 2012

Eiffel Tower

I’ll always remember my first trip to Paris, taking the 1665 stairs and short elevator ride to the top of the Eiffel Tower and then the jelly legs on the way down. I was so exhausted that I decided to sit in the gardens and have some real ‘French fries’ when a budding artist asked to paint my portrait. We sat for about 20 minutes, and 20 Euros later, I had a keepsake. Although not a Monet or Matisse masterpiece, it was a really great experience. Next time, I’ll take along a packed picnic of cheese and wine, sit in the gardens and just marvel at the most iconic of Parisian landmarks.


The LouvreLouvre

We all know the amazing landmarks, monuments and museum in Paris but the Lonely Planet probably won’t guide you to a special little ladies room outside the entrance to the Louvre. Like most places in Europe, you have to pay a Euro or two to use the bathrooms. But, in this case, it was well worth the money spent. It’s set up like a day spa with scented, patterned, embossed and coloured toilet paper. Freshened and cleaned after each use. If you have to go in Paris, hold on until then!


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