Where is the world’s hottest curry?

Published March 28th, 2012

Contrary to popular belief, you won’t find the world’s hottest curry in the markets of India but in the restaurants of New York. Trust the Yanks to come up with a meal that could possibly kill you!



While the US and the UK are continuously battling it out to see who can one up the other with the hottest possible curry, New York City’s Brick Lane Curry House is quickly gaining the reputation as having the hottest curry in the world.


The deadly dish at the Manhatten restaurant is Phall, a type of curry that originated in the Indian restaurants of the UK. What makes this scorching dish so hot is its chilli ingredients, totally ten types of chilli peppers including the infamous bhut jolokia chilli, a pepper so hot it is used by the Indian military as a weapon.


The human eating machine that is Man vs Food recently mastered the curry challenge at Brick Lane Curry House. Check out the video below:


Lauren Burvill

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