How to budget while on holiday

Published April 6th, 2012

Since saving for a holiday is about as much fun as throwing hot noodles in your eyes, it’s important not to let all that hard work go to waste as soon as you board the plane. By putting down that bottle of Moet and keeping up your money-managing skills, you’re bound to get the most out of your holiday. Managing your funds is essential for any budget traveller but it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to miss out entirely either. With these helpful tips you can save your money and spend it too.Australian_Money


Avoid tourist traps

Savvy saving tip number one – avoid spending money in the tourist areas. By all means visit, but don’t bother forking out for a cheaply made stuffed toy and fast food lunch. These areas are always notoriously overpriced and packed with cheaply made souvenirs. Find somewhere that's better value by asking a local where to eat and shop.


Skimp on the small stuff:

Not only is it no fun being cheap when travelling but it’s also unnecessary. An easy way to keep on budget is by spending up on the things that are worthwhile like tours and attractions, and skimping on the small stuff like food. Limit the amount of times you dine out by opting to eat breakfast at your accommodation each day and if you can, carry a bottle of water around instead of buying drinks.


Take public transport

Since transport can be one of the bigger expenses when on holidays, a simple way to cut down costs is to take public transport. In some countries, taxis can take advantage of tourists who don’t know where they are going, particularly when travelling from the airport to their accommodation. Avoid getting ripped off by sticking to the local train and bus. Not only will you save money but you will also get to see more of your destination.


Be entertained for free

Travelling on a budget can be boring at times but it doesn’t have to be. Most cities you visit will offer free entertainment in the form of open air concerts, live performances, festivals and more. Take advantage of what’s available free of charge be keeping an eye out for posters advertising free gigs or research ahead of time to see what will be on when you’re in town.

Lauren Burvill

Australian born but London based, I'm a sucker for big cities and small tropical islands. When travelling, I like eating like a local, dressing like a local, but staying in 5 star style. Have a travel story to share? Tweet me @laurenburvill.