Travel insurance explained

Published April 18th, 2012

Hey everyone, travel insurance is important business so listen up! Cue dramatic rodent for effect:


Yes we know.  The subject is about as interesting as watching a banana take a nap and is  probably the last thing on your mind before you jet off on your holiday, but trust us when we say, you wouldn’t want to go without it.


We’ve all heard the horror stories, skiing accidents in the US, shoddy seafood in Asia, pickpockets in Europe. Accidents and unfortunate things can happen anywhere and everywhere and most importantly, they can happen to you.


Travel Insurance is your safety net to the accidents that can occur while on holidays. It can’t prevent them from happening entirely, but insurance can certainly soften the financial blow and ease your worries. Considering medical treatment issued overseas can cost a fortune and lost luggage can prove a major hassle, travel insurance is a small price to pay and could end up saving you thousands.


travel insurance


All travel insurance policies are different though and types of cover can vary. Incidents covered by insurance can include illness, accidents, lost luggage, travel delays, missed departures or connections, personal money, search and rescue expenses and rental vehicle excess waiver. The best way to work out which policy is right for you is to contact a range of insurance companies and ask for a quote.


It may be a boring expense, and hopefully something you won’t ever have to use, but if do ever need it, you’ll thank your lucky stars you have it.  When booking your next holiday make sure you talk to your  Student Flights consultant about travel insurance.

Lauren Burvill

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