Top 5 Road trip Movies

Published May 5th, 2012

Car_Sunset_iStock_000006297771With Splendour in the Grass coming up, we can’t stop dreaming about getting a bunch of mates together, hiring a kombi van and taking off on the ultimate road trip adventure. Open roads, car singalongs and questionable truck-stop meals – there’s nothing quite like a road trip for creating memorable moments. To further get us in the mood, we’ve collated a top five list of your favourite road trip movies.


Almost Famous

Cool soundtrack? Check. Amazing facial hair? Check. Coming of age craziness? Hell yeah. What more could you possibly want from a road trip movie? If you haven’t seen this coming-of-age movie that involves a very young journalist going on the road with a very wild band, put it at the top of your homework list now. Written and directed by Cameron Crowe, the story of high school student William Miller touring the US by bus with faux band Still Water is actually based around his own experiences. It also features one of the best and most replicated road trip sing-along scenes of all time. “You are home!”


Thelma and Louise

Thelma and Louise is an icon within the road trip movie genre. Filmed in 1991 the film sees straight laced best friends Thelma, played by Geena Davis and Louise, Susan Sarandon, let loose in a Thunderbird convertible across the desert. Along their exhilarating journey they pick up a rather young and sexy Brad Pitt, and throw reckless abandon to the wind and get up to a lot of mischief. If you haven’t seen it, we won’t spoil the epic ending for you. Needless to say, while you wouldn’t want to relive this road adventure, it sure is thrilling to watch.


The Motorcycle Diaries

If you’re travelling to South America any time soon, watching The Motorcycle Diaries is a ‘must-do’ before you go. Based around the memoirs of a young Ernesto Guevara, a man who would one day be known as iconic revolutionary Che Guevara, the foreign film follows young medical students Ernesto and his friend Alberto as they travel around South America on very old motorcycles. Between breakdowns, cheeky banter and breakups, the two friends find themselves on a life changing journey where they are confronted by the great divides within society. A beautiful and poignant film that showcases the magnificent scenery of South America.


Little Miss Sunshine

If you’ve ever endured a painful family road trip, you’ll be able to relate to Little Miss Sunshine. Sure, your family might not be quite as dysfunctional as this mismatched bunch, but I’m sure we’ve all had to push the car at one point or another. The film sees the Hoover family drive to California for the Little Miss Sunshine Pageant in a shonky van. Along the way there are tears, laughter and a lot of van pushing. The old adage ‘it’s not the destination but the journey’ couldn’t be more true in this film, although the kid’s pageant at the end does present some comedy gold in the form of the bespectacled daughter Olive.


The Pricilla Queen of the Desert

We couldn’t collate this list without mentioning an Aussie road trip, and what could possible compare to the very colourful Pricilla Queen of the Desert? The flamboyant characters of the classic Australian film aren’t exactly what you picture to be in the Australia outback, which is what we love about the movie. I think it’s safe to say that no Australian road trip will ever be this glamorous or involve this much fabric. But hey, you could always prove us wrong.

Did we miss your favourite road trip movie? Let us know what’s on your top five list.

Lauren Burvill

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