5 favourite Amazing Race moments

Published June 29th, 2012
As avid travellers, we're huge fans of the Amazing Race at Student Flights. We've even noticed a lot of our customers have been inspired to travel from watching the show, getting off the beaten track and to thrilling destinations they might not have thought of going to prior. So in the spirit of the current Australian season (who's been watching?) we've taken a trip down memory lane and mapped out some of our favourite Amazing Race moments.


Watermelon launching the UK

In season 11, friends Brook and Claire were completing a medieval-tournament style challenge in the beautiful English countryside of Ledbury, when Claire became an overnight internet sensation. The task, hitting pieces of armour with watermelons using a medieval sling shot, may have seemed simple enough but the watermelon came back to haunt Clair, literally, hitting her with extreme force, 'right in the kisser.'


Firstly, it's amazing that the only injury she sustained was a headache. I can not even fathom what it would feel like to be hit with a water melon, let alone right in the face and with such force that it explodes. What I find even more amazing is that her friend Brook was able to keep a straight face throughout the entire challenge. If it had been me I would have been a laughing mess.


And incase you didn't laugh enough the first time:


funny gifs


Boating in the UK

Amazingly enough in the same episode that Claire was punched in the face with a melon, another golden race moment happened with Michael and Kevin. The super cute father and son team were tackling the task of crossing a river in a tiny boat with hilarious results. Watch the above video from 10:30 for some fumbling highlights. Once again - how are they able to keep a straight face while falling all over each other? I wouldn't be able to hold back the giggles if that was my dad sinking in a tiny basket-like boat.


Dancing in India


A touching moment with a happy ending, Kentucky besties Bopper and Mark were at their wits end in Season 20 trying to finnish a road-block challenge that involved participating in a complicated Bollywood movie dance scene. After 11 failed attempts Mark was understandably ready to throw in his dancing shoes, but his friend Bopper and the dance instructor managed to convince him otherwise. With a new gust of wind in his sails and energy in his toes, Mark returned to the stage to shake his legs brilliantly (while Bopper mimiced from the sideline like a dance mum), allowing them to finnish the challenge and head to the pitstop, where they were told by the host Phil, that it was luckily not an elimination round. Hooray!


Carrying cheese in Switzerland

You wouldn't ever think carrying wheels of cheese down a hill could be so hard, but apparently in Switzerland, it is. In season 14 the racers found themselves near Interlaken in the beautiful, albeit slippery Swiss countryside. There the challenge was to transport wheels of cheese down a hill using antique racks (read: flimsy wooden back-packs). What resulted was some slapstick comedy gold with fast steps, slides and rolling wheels of cheese. Needless to say, the locals weren't the only ones that found it entertaining.


Water Zorbing in New Zealand


Water zorbing just looks like the most fun activity in the world and this episode of the Amazing Race pretty much confirms it for me. I don't know what it is, but just watching someone roll down a beautiful green hill in an inflatable ball, having the time of their life, just brings a smile to my face. When the racers in season 5 were in New Zealand, Colin and Christie took a risk by opting for the road block and literally laughed their way to first place. Usually these challenges involve finding needles in a haystack or something similarly tedious, so in this case the couple was very lucky. Colin's reaction when he slides out of the zorb is pretty priceless too.


What are some of your favourite moments?


Lauren Burvill

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