Editor Kat George’s guide to New York

Published June 18th, 2012

For FS Spotlight this week we were lucky enough to catch up with busy New York girl and Beyonce's biggest fan, Kat George. Originally a Melbournian, Kat is now based in the Big Apple, spending her days as the managing editor of cool curated video site Portable.tv and her nights writing for a range of publications including The Vine and Thought Catalogue. Here she lets us in on where to get the best sushi on earth and why New York neurosis isn't as cute as Annie Hall would have you believe.


Why New York?

It's a long story but began with Friends in 1994 and ended with a poorly executed plan to move to Amsterdam that instead led me to the arms one of my best girlfriends in Berlin. After some (too much) red wine and some soul searching, I woke up the next morning to discover I'd booked flights to New York. And once I got here I just couldn't leave!


As you're an editor, you must get invited  to a lot of events. Tell me about New York's party scene.

To be honest, I'm trying to avoid the "party scene" at the moment. It's really easy to get wrapped up in too much socialising in New York, and that goes hand in hand with too much drink and not enough sleep or exercise. That being said, there's never a dull moment when you are out and about!


Kat George

Kat George in New York

What's your latest city discovery?

This is going to sound so lame, but myself. There's a lot going on in New York and you either find a way to become centred, or really overwhelmed and lost, even manic. I spent most of the past year as the latter, but New York neurosis isn't as cute as Annie Hall would have you believe.


Craziest NYC moment?

Oh God. I feel like I have to withhold my actual craziest New York moment, but one stand out was definitely going to the premiere of Beyonce's Live At Roseland DVD and seeing the Queen herself all dolled up and pregnant and glowing.


Your fail-proof favourite spot?

Lucky Dog in Williamsburg for a drink and Momo in Bushwick for the best sushi on earth. I also like to find a dark corner in The Strand bookstore and hideaway for a while (normally resulting in my walking out with 7 too many books... I once bought 12 in one visit!)


Best live music venue?

I don't go to shows that often but I did go to LCD Soundsystem's last ever show at Madison Square Garden last year and the atmosphere was electric. I suppose the Music Hall of Williamsburg is nice for more intimate shows too.


Favourite shopping haunts?

Stella Dallas in Williamsburg! I have never walked out empty handed (not sure whether that's good or bad?). And Pixie Market in the LES, although I normally just use their online store!


What would your dream day in New York City include?

It would be summer and I'd sleep in. Probably meet my girlfriends for brunch somewhere like Colette, or plan to have a picnic. Then we'd get coffee from somewhere delicious like Toby's or Gimme! or Oslo or Lula Bean and head to Fort Tilden beach where we'd read magazines and gossip and eat mangoes and swim! In the afternoon we'd get dressed up for dinner and cocktails at Freemans in the LES and then after that I'd head back to Brooklyn and go somewhere like Delmano or The Drink for more cocktails! See what I mean about the socialising?


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