Exam Block Procrastawatching: movie trailers

Published June 8th, 2012

So are you ready for your exams? Yes? You’ve been studying hard at it all week with no breaks to trawl facebook, lol at animated gifs or enjoy a quick bevvy or two? You’ve been showering regularly and getting dressed in a fresh outfit every day? Hair brushed, teeth cleaned, looking like a picture perfect student? Good for you!


Since you’ve been such a productive and motivated student I’ve put together a blog to reward you on all of your hard efforts. Why not take a few moments away from the books to watch some of the latest movie trailers around? You know you deserve it.


The Great Gatsby

This trailer is so good it gave me the chills the first time I saw it. Its greatness probably has something to do with the Kanye West and Jay Z track at the start. That and Baz Lurhman is a visual genius. Oh and Carey Mulligan’s costumes are to-die for. Also Leo’s intense gaze still does it for me even after all of these years. Ok I’ll stop gushing and let you watch it.




You cannot even fathom how excited I am for Anchorman 2. Imagine the happiness a dog gets before going for a walk, combined with the butterflies a kid feels on Christmas Eve plus the energy Ron Burgandy has when playing Jazz (yazz) flute – and that comes somewhat close to how I feel about this movie. While this isn’t exactly a trailer, it at least satisfies my Brick ‘pants party’ Tamland appetite for now.



The Dark Knight Rises

Who doesn’t love a sweeping panoramic shot of Joseph Gorden Lovett’s face? That’s why we all saw Inception right? Even so, besides Lovett’s furrowed brow, The Dark Knight Rises looks pretty spectacular. Bane is super creepy and will probably star in a few up-coming nightmares following the movie, while Anne Hathaway has never looked hotter. It’s a sure fire recipe for box office gold.



Men in Black 3

Though MIB 2 was pretty bad, I still have a nostalgic aoft spot for the original Men in Black and its incredibly catchy theme tune. Unfortunetly Will Smith is not going to be doing an old school rap for this movie, which I hope is the only downside to the final instalment of the franchise. It would be a real shame to end it all on a sour note. I like the idea of Josh Brolin playing a young Tommy Lee Jones (because let’s face it – that guy is way too old), so hopefully the MIB's  pull it off. You be the judge.



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