Top 5 extreme ski runs

Published June 6th, 2012

In the need for speed? If expert ski runs are proving less than thrilling then maybe its time to amp things up a bit by testing the terrain at the following extreme ski destinations. Once you’ve mastered the slippery slopes of  France and heli skiing in New Zealand, maybe you’ll be ready to break James Pierre’s breathtaking world ski record. Armatures need not apply.



Corbet's Couloir, Jackson Hole

Commonly referred to as ‘America’s scariest ski slope’ Corbet’s Couloir in Jackonson Hole, USA reaches 10, 450 feet high on a 40 degree angle. Despite it’s steep height the run is easily accessed via the Rendezvous Mountain cable-car, though most skiers go to simply admire the extreme run from the top rather than taking the plunge.


Extreme Skiing

Extreme Skiing


Harakiri, Mayrhofen

Austria’s steepest groomed slope is the Harakiri run found at Mayrhofen ski resort. Though only a short run, the slope’s scariest angle measures an incredible 78 degrees – a challenge for even the experts. Only very confident skiers should attempt to conquer Harakiri. If you’re not 100% committed, you may just end up looking like the second guy in this video.



La Grave, France
It’s not hard to see why this run is called ‘the grave.’ Picture this: you have to climb up a 10,500 foot mountain for 40 minutes via cable car, then once at the top you're left  starring down at the 7,000 feet of terrain, and you're on your own to make it down. No groomed runs, no ski patrol, nothing! Most wise skiers bring an expert mountain guide with them, while others (myself included) prefer to stay in with a good book instead.


Heli Skiing , New Zealand
Ok so it might not be an official run but New Zealand boasts some of the most extreme heli skiing in the world. If you’re not familiar with the concept, heli skiing involves the nail-biting task of taking a helicopter up to a high and isolated peak and finding your own way down. In New Zealand, some heli skiing runs involve 1300 metres of vertical descent. With over 200 peaks to choose from, New Zealand has plenty of thrills and spills to keep adrenaline junkies interested. For the ultimate in extreme, master the countries tallest peak at Mt Cook. Take a look at what to expect when Heli skiing in New Zealand.


Delirium Dive, Sunshine Village
The fact that ski patrollers demand all skiers carry an avalanche transceiver and shovel pretty much speaks for itself. To master this thrilling, rugged and avalanche-prone ski run it is recommend that you are a comfortable skier that can take on double black diamond runs with your eyes closed. If that means you, then the only other thing you’ll need is someone else who is as confident (and brave) as you; all skiers much have at least one person with them when on the run.


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