5 amazing swimming spots

Published July 13th, 2012

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I thought so. With all of this chilly, wet weather we’ve been having, I can't stop dreaming about summer days, soaking up the sun and swimming in turquoise waters. Letting my dreams run rampant, I set about discovering where the best swimming spots in the world are and boy, was I amazed with what I found! Here are the top five.


Jellyfish Lake in Palau

On Eil Malk Island in Palau is one of the most beautiful swimming spots I think I’ve ever seen. As the story goes, a long, long time ago (15,00 years to be precise) the limestone rock island sealed itself off from the ocean, resulting in a marine lake with a few jellyfish inhabitants. Over time, and with virtually no predators, the jellyfish have not only flourished and multiplyed, but thanks to evolution, their tentacles have lost their sting, rendering them completely harmless to swim with. Today it is estimated that the lake is home to over 10 million Golden and Moon jelly fish, making for an incredibly serene and sting-free experience.


Mosquito Bay, Puerto Rico

I know what you’re thinking – Mosquito Bay? No thanks! But trust me when I say, for a midnight swim, few places can compare to Mosquito Bay in Puerto Rico. Located in the southern area of Vieques, the bay is also known as Bioluminescane Bay because it literally glows when you swim in it.  The bay’s luminescence is caused by a plankton type micro-organism that emits a blue white light whenever the water is disturbed. As the plankton are harmless for humans, swimming while surrounded by a glow is hard to resist.


Devil’s Swimming Pool in Zambia

If you’ve ever seen the Victoria Falls, chances are you probably wouldn’t be too keen to swim at the top of the falls, let alone sit on the edge of them.  Contrary to what the plunging water would have you believe, it is possible to swim at the top of the falls, you just have to be brave enough to take a little plunge. From September to December, when the river flow is at a certain level, a rock barrier forms a natural pool aptly named Devil’s Pool. With little current and a rock barrier, it is possible to swim right up to the edge of the falls. Though it’s not entirely fool proof, many have enjoyed the thrilling swim and lived to tell the tale.


The Dead SeaThe Dead Sea, the Middles East

If you’d rather relax and float than scale scary heights, then take the journey to Jordan or Israel for a serene dip in The Dead Sea. Once again, the name doesn’t really sell the beauty of this swimming spot. It’s known as ‘dead’ because the water is so salty, (it’s the saltiest body of water in the world) that animals are unable to live in it. But that hasn’t stopped humans from enjoying it. The water’s high salinity also means the density is different to other seas, making it incredibly buoyant. Sit back, admire the view and float freely within the sea.


Lake Creek Rock Slide in the USA

Not so much a swimming spot but more of a sliding spot, Triangle Lake in Oregon, USA is world famous for its natural water slide. Spanning 30 metres long and formed out of obsidian volcanic rock, the Lake Creek water slide makes for a comfy ride and finishes within a deep swimming hole.  Hours of water sliding fun for free.




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