Musician Lanie Lane talks touring the world

Published July 30th, 2012

For SF Spotlight this week we were very lucky to talk to lovable Australian musician Lanie Lane about her travels and life on the road. With a bright talent for gutsy vocals, bluesy baselines and rockabilly attitude, Lanie has been seducing Australia and the world with her sultry and smoky sounds, recently supporting Jack White on his Australian tour and performing at Splendour in the Grass over the weekend. In between her multitude of shows, Lanie took some time out to talk about Nashville, music festivals and the bane of every musicians existence - luggage limits.


How many countries have you travelled to?
With my music, I have travelled to the USA and UK as well as extensive touring in Australia. I've been to Canada a number of times (as a child, my grandparents lived there), Paris, Vietnam and Bali in Indonesia.


Lanie_Lane Lanie Lane shot by Dean Chalkley in London

If you could narrow it down, what would be your favourite?
Every country I've been to has been so different with a lot to offer. I feel like I need to travel a lot more to pick a favourite! So far I've loved Malibu in California. I also had an amazing experience travelling through the Rockies and Banff in Canada with my dad when I was about 10 years old. It was absolutely spectacular!


Craziest travel experience?
When I did the trip with my dad, the customs in Canada thought he was kidnapping me because my mum wasn't with us on that trip! They held us in the airport and my dad was interrogated for 10 hours! Luckily they realised it was all good and in the end they let us on our way.


If you could perform overseas at any festival or venue - what would it be?
Fuji Rock or Glastonbury would be good!


Which international city's music scene most inspires you?
Nashville has an amazing scene. There is so much going on there. Lots of producers and musicians go and live there now, not just the ones involved in country music, which people tend to think. There is such a cool vibe there. The deep musical history of the place, mixed with modern music and its unique atmosphere makes it a really special and exciting place. So many genres of music seem to be represented there so it's a very inspiring town.


How would you describe your travel style?
I really enjoy travelling. I don't think it's for everyone though, so I feel very fortunate. I get into a flow with it every day and it has become just a part of life now. It's amazing when I'm travelling with a tour manager because it takes the stress off me and I can forget about logistics, or at least try to. It's hard to let go sometimes! I'm a pretty light traveller. One day it would be great to be able to take more show stuff on tour though. I tend to shop when I'm on the road, which can be annoying when you have a bag weight limit coming home! I am a great sleeper so that makes flying very easy and when I'm not sleeping on a flight I like to practice meditation.


Where are you planning to travel next?
I'm about to do a massive tour around Australia to play shows in mostly regional areas. Some of it we will be driving and as always, a lot of flying. I am flying up for the Darwin Festival and I've never been there before. I would also love to go to Flinders Island soon! It looks amazing.


See Lanie Lane live as she tours Australia over the next few months, or in the mean time check out her latest dreamy film clip for 'To The Horses.'



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