Paul's American adventure - 10 road trip tips

Published July 18th, 2012

So we’re still on the road. Living out the ultimate American road trip and driving from Memphis to Miami in a Mustang convertible. Town hopping and having adventures along the way. I’m not going to lie, it’s a pretty sweet life right now. But for all the good times we’ve been having, there have been a few lessons that we’ve learnt along the way. Firstly, driving long distances while hung over is about as fun as it sounds (not at all). Here are some other useful tips we've picked up while on the road.


Road trip tip #1

Just get a GPS. Sure it's a little extra, but its well worth the expense. Driving on the opposite side of the road is hard enough, but doing it without knowing where you're going is ridiculous. Except when the GPs insists your catch a ferry!


Road trip tip #2

When you're working out how long you'll need in each city, take into consideration hangover days as well as driving days. You don't want to have to miss a party because you've got to be up early driving.


Road trip tip #3

Don't bother booking accommodation for every stop. You'll be right, just wing it. Unless there's a festival on in that city, on that exact weekend. Doh!


Road trip tip #4

Sometimes it's best to have a couple of extra hours for driving up your sleeve. Some towns aren't quite as big as they seem on the map.


Road trip tip #5

Wearing a cap is not only a fashion statement; it will stop your hair blowing uncontrollably in your face when you've got the convertible roof down.


Road trip tip #5.5

Wear it backwards because it will blow off!


Road trip tip #6 -

Be prepared! Always take some backup CDs in case your car doesn't have USB or Bluetooth connectivity.


Road trip tip #7

Get yourself a road trip mascot. It gives you someone to talk to when everyone else falls asleep. Meet Rowly, we had some amazing conversations!


Rowly, our road trip macot

Rowly, our road trip macot

Road trip tip #8

Name your car! Again, it gives you someone to talk to when everyone else falls asleep.

Meet Sally, our Mustang! Isn't she sexy!

Meet Sally, our Mustang! Isn't she sexy!

Road trip tip #9

Pack small bags, your convertible doesn't look as cool when you have a suitcase sitting on the back seat.


Road trip tip #10

Find out about the petrol stations where you're going. For example, you pay for your petrol before filling up your tank in USA.


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