Our favourite round the world flights

Published August 10th, 2012

If that Daft Punk song has taught us anything, it’s that going around the world sounds pretty dam good. Hit it!



Round the world flights

Round the world flights are OKAY!


OK now that you’re in a happy, electro-music mood, let’s talk about round the world flights because they seriously aren’t as scarily expen$ive as they sound - particularly if you’re a student. At Student Flights we have heaps of deals that are around the $2k mark – which is pretty good considering some international return flights can be just as expensive. Plus we’ve mapped out some of the best roots to ensure you get the kind of holiday you’ve been dreaming of. Here are our favourite round the world flights.




Australia – Bangkok – Zurich – London – Zurich – Miami - Las Vegas – Los Angeles

PhotobucketLabelled the ‘party overdose,’ this seven stop marathon is made for only the hardcore party goers. Loose-cannon types with the ability to out dance Snookie, out drink Frank the Tank and do it all back-to-back without breaking a sweat. From the notorious clubs in Bangkok to the pub crawls in London, beach parties in Miami and bright lights in Vegas, you’re going to need the energy of an athlete and a pool full of blue Gatorade to survive this round the world experience. Are you up for it? Just remember, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, as well as Bangkok, Zurich, London, Miami…..


Australia – Hong Kong – Zurich – Paris – Zurich – New York – Los Angeles

Tackle your wardrobe woes head on with the ultimate shopping holiday around the world. Much like the décor of a Chanel boutique, the ‘shopaholic’ round the world flight doesn’t skimp on the good stuff. It’s first class shopping on a budget round the world airfare. And hey, what you save on flights you can splurge on your holiday. From designer labels in Paris to custom-made in Hong Kong and down-town cool threads in Los Angeles, no matter what your style, this route has got you covered – in amazing totes chic couture! #totesamaze



Australia - Kuala Lumpur – Singapore – Moscow – London – Sao Paolo – Santiago


If you fancy yourself a bit of a Bear Grylls, an adrenaline junky with an appetite for obstacle courses, then the ‘culture shock’ route is made for you. From hot and sweaty adventures in Asia to snowy and historic escapes in Europe, not to mention the wide array of thrilling attractions on offer in South America, this round the world trip is the stuff of *Chuck Norris' dreams.


9 Stop Sensation

Australia – Singapore – Kuala Lumpur – Frankfurt – Barcelona – Paris – Vienna – Rome – Munich – Los Angeles


Got time to kill and a lot of places to be? Then the 9 stop sensation is perfect. With just one airfare you can see nine countries and experience the trip of a life time.


*Chuck Norris does not actually approve or dream of our flights. Chuck Norris only approves of kicking ass and does not dream because never actually sleeps. Ever!



Lauren Burvill

Australian born but London based, I'm a sucker for big cities and small tropical islands. When travelling, I like eating like a local, dressing like a local, but staying in 5 star style. Have a travel story to share? Tweet me @laurenburvill.