Paul’s American Adventure – Part 4

Published August 1st, 2012

Right, time to channel our inner child! Orlando, here we come!


Apart from being known for their oranges, people flock to Florida for one other big, happy reason – Walt Disney World! I think my friends Nicola and Renee were more interested in this one. I’m not a huge fan of crazy rides and long lines but even so, we had such an amazing time that we extended our hotel booking by a day.


Disney World
The happiest place on earth

First of all, words can’t even come close to describing how big this place is. The size of the car park alone was pretty impressive. As we lined up for the ferry, across the lake we could see the spires of castles, magical mountains and mysterious alien spaceships. Needless to say we were pretty excited. As we entered the fantasy world, all of our favourite childhood characters were there to greet you. Including these guys:

Mickey + Mini
Mickey and Mini

Now that I’ve been there, it’s clear why they sell seven day passes to this place. I think you could actually spend the entire time there and still not see everything. We only spent one day here which meant we were restricted to the one park – Magic Kingdom. It’s probably meant more for the children’s demographic but that suited me just fine. The girls were seeking a bit more adrenaline but the thrills were enough for me. And after a long day, I was completely exhausted. Maybe I’m getting old. Actually, I’m going to blame the 40 degree day - insert nanna nap here.


Orlando was a nice city, full of parks and lakes. We hadn’t really done our research on drinking holes though, so were struggling to find somewhere good to quench our thirst. A good tip to keep in mind – find a nice quiet bar, shoot the bar tender a couple of little tips with your first few drinks and then BOOM ! They’re your best friend with plenty of great suggestions. Fast forward later into the night and we actually ended up in a quiet little pool hall fairly close to the hotel, trying to track down a game of ‘cornhole’. To be honest, we never actually found out what it was, but from the name, we’re thinking that you throw a sack of corn through a hole? Pretty sure it was something you’d only play when drinking.


After a couple of days in Orlando it was time to begin the drive to Miami. From what I’d heard about Miami it definitely seemed like my kind of party destination – not to mention the beach.

More about that to come!

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