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Published August 31st, 2012

If you’ve never lived in London before, working out which borough to make yourself at home in can be tricky. Most Aussies will tell you to go to Shepherd’s Bush, only because that’s where most Australian expats reside in London. If you’d rather avoid the mini Australian village and get amongst the locals, take our 'where to live in London' quiz to find out what suburb is best suited to your lifestyle.


You've just finished a long and action packed Friday, what are your ideal plans for the night?

a)      Drinks at an art show opening followed by a live music gig and an after party

b)      Dinner at a stylish restaurant  then cocktails and canapés at a roof top bar

c)       A casual roast meal at the local pub, with beers flowing late into the night

d)      A quiet meal and glass of red at a local byo restaurant


Saturday morning and the inconspicuous London sun is out shining. How do you spend the day?

English Breakfast

Mmmm English breakfast

a)      Curing a hangover with a big breakfast at an organic café then a session of market and vintage store browsing

b)      Starting with a cleansing juice followed by a wander around the latest exhibition at the V&A Museum, then a credit card workout at Harvey Nichols

c)       Eating a dirty English breakfast with all the trimmings then heading to the local park to lie on the grass, ride a bike and make the most of the sunshine.

d)      Enjoying a morning of tea, toast and the paper followed by a stroll around the local park before heading to the markets to pick up fresh ingredients for dinner.


Some cheeky extra funds have just appeared in your account from dad (love you dad!) How do you spend them?

a)      On a ticket to that up-coming music festival and a pair of jeans from Urban Outfitters.

b)      Pay off your lay-by at Selfridges and put the rest towards those hard-to-score football tickets

c)       Stock up on winter essentials at Top Shop then buy everyone a round at the pub

d)      Treat yourself to high tea and a West End show


Your favourite London landmark is…

a)       The TATE Modern

b)       Buckingham Palace

c)       The double-decker buses

d)       Hampstead Heath


Most As – Dalston and Hackney

Celebrity residents: Musician Victoria Hesketh aka Little Boots and comedian Noel Fielding

Go on admit it, you’re a hipster at heart and as such the north eastern areas of Dalston and Hackey are the suburbs for you. While east of London is traditionally working class, much of Dalston and Hackey have become gentrified, with boutique bars, dub-step dance clubs and unique boutiques popping up all around the area.

Houses in Chelsea

Houses in Chelsea


Most Bs – Chelsea and South Kensington

Celebrity residents: Musicians Lily Allen, Kylie Minogue and actor Hugh Grant

If your life is similar to the reality show ‘Made in Chelsea,’ then naturally the western enclaves of Chelsea and South Kensington are made for you.  Rent may be costly, but hey, if you can afford it, why not live large in London? Chelsea and Kensington are the perfect places to do so too, with royal neighbours at Kensington Palace, walking distance to the V&A Museum and the iconic department store Harrods on your door step.


Most Cs – Clapham

Celebrity Residents: Fashion designer Vivienne Westwood, author JK Rowling and musician Patrick Wolf

If you answered mainly Cs then the laidback, cheerful and friendly borough of Clapham is where you belong. With four local cinemas and a bevy of relaxed restaurants and bars, the south western suburb has plenty to offer without being too wild. Don’t miss spending a sunny day at the leafy Clapham Common, the area’s beloved public park.


Most Ds – Highbury and Canonbury

Celebrity Residents: Comedians Alan Davis, Rowan Atkinson and actress Cate Blanchett

Nature lovers and tea drinkers will love life in the leafy and picturesque suburbs of Highbury and Canonbury. Within the areas are a number of notable attractions including the historic Highbury Manor, Highbury House and Canonbury Square. Surround yourself with greenery at Highbury Fields, warm up with some mulled wine at the cosy corner pub and enjoy a peaceful part of London.



Lauren Burvill

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