The best of Berlin on a budget

Published October 29th, 2012

If the cities of Europe were How I Met Your Mother characters, Paris would be the ever romantic and sensible Ted Mosby, Rome would be the classic and charismatic Robin Scherbatsky and Berlin would be Barney; lively, quick-witted, kooky, unexpectedly loveable, life of the party and never one to turn down a beer. A lot like Barney, it’s cheap to enjoy and if you’re not careful, Berlin will charm the pants off you. Legend.....wait for it....dary!


In any case, to help you get the most out of your holiday, here are some of the best ways to enjoy yourself on a budget in Berlin.


Where to stay: With quality hostels located all throughout the central areas, Berlin is definitely a city made for backpackers. One of our top rated Berlin Hostels is EastSeven, a laid back hostel beloved for its central location and friendly atmosphere. With plenty of freebies on offer including free in-room wi-fi, luggage storage, hot showers and linen, it’s little wonder that the hostel has been voted Best Hostel Germany numerous times.

The best of Berlin on a budget

The best of Berlin on a budget


What to eat: You’ll often find local students hunting for cheap food will head to Kreuzkölln, an area on the boarder of the Neukölln and Kreuzberg suburbs. Home to a large immigrant population, the area has a range of cheap and multicultural cuisine. Keep an eye out for the popular Turkish snack bar that does a roaring trade with its delicious kofte balls. For more cheap and meaty meals, the Burgermeister underneath the U-Bahn tracks sells six types of burgers (including vegetarian options) for only 3.50.


Where to party: One night out in Berlin and you’ll soon realise that this town was made to party. It’s not hard to find a good bar or club in Berlin but the beer prices can tend to soak up a lot of your money. For a lager on the cheaper side, Deponie Nr.3 located underneath Friedrichstraße station serves five types of draught beer, seven types of bottled beer and half a litre steins for 2.50.  If you like something sweeter, the Brazilian cocktail bar BR 101 serves up a wide range of cocktails for 4 and under.


Budget tips: Get the most out of your trip by purchasing a Berlin WelcomeCard. The cards are valid for various periods of time and allow you unlimited access to public transport for your chosen period, including ferries and the popular hop-on hop-off 100 bus.


Lauren Burvill

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