Fashion designer Aimee Kahl talks life in London

Published December 3rd, 2012

This week we internet-met and fell in love with Aimee Kahl, a Brissy girl now London babe living the dream in the fashion world. After graduating from QUT, Aimee won a scholarship to London where, after applying for approximately a million jobs, she landed the position as Production Co-ordinator at killer-cute label Lazy Oaf. As part of her envious job Aimee gets to travel to see manufacturers and trade shows in Hong Kong, China and Las Vegas. When she’s not working and travelling, Aimee shares a pad with three house mates off high street in North East London and has a mile long list of restaurants, art galleries, bars and museums to see and try. Here she fills us in on some of her favourite discoveries.


Amiee Kahl Aimee Kahl in London

How many countries have you travelled to? England, Holland, Hong Kong, China, Austria, USA (New York, Las Vegas and some of the southern states) = 6.


If you could narrow it down, what would be your top three? I may be bias, but London has to be my number one. There is always something to see and do. Number two would have to be Austria. I went to Salzburg and it was just beautiful (not to mention the incredible apple strudel). Finally number three is New York. There is just an incredible energy about it and you can spend hours just walking the streets and being amazed at what you discover.


Craziest travel experience? Travelling in China was pretty crazy. I feared for my life more than once on their crazy roads! Luckily our driver was a pro. Culturally, it was also very shocking and eye opening. Apparently my chop stick skills are sub standard


How long have you been living in London? Nearly 7 months


What do you love about the city? There is ALWAYS something to do - a new exhibition, a new place to eat, shopping, theatre. What more could you want!


Share some of your favourites with us: I love going to see shows in the West End - so far I have been to see Singing in the Rain and Chicago.


Favourite place to shop: Oxford Street! The Top Shop is massive! I also secretly like shopping at Primark (which is a discount department store - think Big W x a million). Portobello Road markets and Brick Lane markets are also favourites - you never know what you'll find.


Amiee Kahl Aimee hanging with a lion in Trafalgar Square

Favourite place to see a gig: I don't really have a favourite place to see a gig actually. I don't think I’ve seen a gig in London yet! I managed to get a ticket to Glastonbury for June next year which I’m well excited for.


Favourite place for breakfast: Last weekend I went to breakfast at Balans in Soho - so delicious. Also Grind in Stratford or Putney do incredible coffee and food, and best of all, the owner and most of the staff are New Zealanders and Australians.


Favourite place to recover from a hangover: In bed feeling sorry for myself! If I were more English I would probably tell you I'd be recovering in a pub but I just can't do it haha


Where are you planning on travelling next? After China for a work trip, I am going to Denmark between Christmas and New Year, then Paris for a weekend in February with some Aussie friends and my boyfriend and I also have plans to go to Rome in March.


Lauren Burvill

Australian born but London based, I'm a sucker for big cities and small tropical islands. When travelling, I like eating like a local, dressing like a local, but staying in 5 star style. Have a travel story to share? Tweet me @laurenburvill.