What's your travel resolution?

Published December 28th, 2012

It’s the inevitable end of year question isn’t it – what’s your New Year’s resolution? Each year I make the same unattainable vow. “I’m going to eat healthily, not be a stupid drunk and be generally awesome.” And it’s all very well and good until New Year’s Eve rolls around and I accidently stuff myself with cheeseburgers after one too many vodkas and make a terrible life choice by going swimming with my shoes on.


So to save myself the hangover shame, this year I vow to make a travel resolution instead. One where I vow to go to the USA, finally see the Grand Canyon and hopefully spend a week living like Jay Z in New York. It’s a win/win.


So what’s your travel resolution? Here’s what my co-workers are planning for 2013.


I want to get a taste of Europe in 2013! I've decided to focus on seeing more of fewer countries vs trying to do/see it all in one hit. I think I'm going to start with France  and  Italy. – Amanda 


The Amalfi Coast in Italy The Amalfi Coast in Italy

My travel resolution is to visit a destination that is rich in culture and is going to put me out of my comfort zone.  I'm not set on the destination however my options thus far are: Morocco, Turkey, South America or even parts of Africa. I also want to see more of Australia, so maybe a trip to Tassie, Melbourne or Perth could be on the cards. - Dan


Kenya in Africa Kenya in Africa

My travel resolution for 2013 is to hike the famed trails of Nepal. I've hiked through Patagonia in Argentina, climbed volcanoes in Guatamala and even explored the wilds of Ireland but I've never been to Nepal. I don't believe I can call myself a true hiker until I've admired the incredible beauty of this important destination. – Lyndon 

The magical landscape of Nepal The magical landscape of Nepal


I'm going to make better use of long weekends and plan mini-tips throughout the year; beach, ski, and a bit of adventure. I can't wait. - Phil


Ski holiday A ski adventure


 While on my last holiday, I found myself getting a little jealous of my friend's holiday snaps. Laying by the beach, cocktails by the pool, food, food and more food! By all means my holiday was amazing, but I think at that point, wherever they were, is where I shall be in 2013. So look out Santorini, here I come! - Paul

Santorini, Greece Santorini, Greece



Lauren Burvill

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