The 7 stages of post holiday blues

Published January 14th, 2013

Getting over the post holiday blues

So, here we are. Mid-January. The Christmas ham is officially gone. You’ve spent all of the vouchers Santa kindly gave you for Christmas and your tan and holiday glow is starting to fade. Those fun international times you had are now just an instagram memory on your phone. And now it’s back to the reality. But never fear – you’re not alone. We all experience the post-holiday blues. So much so that we’ve documented it into seven stages and added some animated gifs to cheer you up. Which stage are you at?


At first you feel JOY

At first you feel joy to get out of that plane cabin that you’ve just spent up-teen hours in. And then joy to be home in general. To be back in your own bed. With your family close by. And your mother keen to do your washing and cook you meals and wait on you hand and foot because she missed you so much!


And then very SLEEPY

After the initial excitement, jetlag sinks in. It starts to punch you in the face and the only way to fight back is to get some powerful 40 winks. You show it who’s boss by sleeping like you’ve never slept before.


You wake up feeling ENERGIZED 

Once you’ve won the battle with jet lag, the world is your dance floor. Everything that was once old has become new again. The air smells fresher. You’re more appreciative of the weather. You vow to start off on a clean state. Dance like no one’s watching. You become a morning person, try painting and buy a new diary to write  about your travels.


And then you start feeling OPTIMISTIC


The holiday may be over but the possibilities are endless. A new café has opened up around the corner from you and all your friends have been raving about this new bar that they can’t wait to show you. Your Facebook notifications are going off like crazy with people wanting to catch up with you. Maybe life back at home isn’t so bad after all.


Then you realise you’ve become a little BITTER

The café around the corner from you ruined your coffee order one morning and now it is dead to you. The bar your friends couldn’t wait to take you too was nowhere near as cool as the place you partied at in Spain and everyone has stopped feigning interest in your travel stories. You think to yourself ‘they’re just jealous anyway’ and then realise you’ve become one of those pretentious travellers you used to hate. Bitterness sets in.


And now your slightly DEPRESSED

You’ve given up on becoming a morning person and your mum yelled at you for being lazy. The travel diary you optimistically bought just makes you feel depressed and no longer looks like the neat book it once was. The only notifications you get on Facebook are to events overseas and you can’t work out how to turn them off. You miss the days of wandering around aimlessly, discovering new things and instead lay in bed watching Two and a Half Men, crying at how bad it is.


Eventually you get out of bed and get FOCUSSED 

Focussed on your next holiday. You start saving. Your new hobby is collecting travel books. Your old travel diary has turned into a holiday budgeting and planning book. You pick the date. Book your flights. Work your ass off and finally, set off on another adventure. Vowing to never repeat the last seven steps again.


Lauren Burvill

Australian born but London based, I'm a sucker for big cities and small tropical islands. When travelling, I like eating like a local, dressing like a local, but staying in 5 star style. Have a travel story to share? Tweet me @laurenburvill.