Travel Confessions: Musician T.J. Quinton

Published January 23rd, 2013

Since his first year out of school, Brisbane based Tim Loydell has been on the move. From travel trips abroad to touring the festival set and road trips on his motorbike, Tim has a knack for life on the road and playing whimsical 12-string guitars. Following a few tours of Australia and North America with his band The Deckchairs, Tim recently recorded the debut album Sorry Business under the name T.J. Quinton and hit the road supporting Ladyhawke in New Zealand.


Following his recent tour success in the UK last month we managed to catch up with Tim to ask him about his travels, tours and crazy music moments.


I couldn't actually say how many countries I’ve been too; 4 in the Americas, at least 9 in Europe, 6 in Asia, and 3 in the pacific. Let’s say 21. I'm shocking and still only speak English. Terrible hey.


Tim on tour in Canada Tim on tour in Canada


One of my favourite countries would have to be Canada. We have had such amazing times over there and met so many amazing people that it wouldn't even matter if the West Coast wasn't the utopia it is!  Cuba is definitely in there, just an incredibly unique lifestyle and their music culture is second to none.


Thailand will always hold a place in my heart and while it has undergone some changes since I first started spending time there, the people and landscapes make that a favourite in my eyes.


Tim performing Tim performing as T.J. Quinton


One of my favourite moments on tour was at a festival in Vancouver. We were watching a band from backstage only to realise that we were sharing a table with Steven Segal. Don't asked me how we managed to initially miss that but he was so awesome once we started chatting. I just couldn't shake the feeling that he was constantly in a state of readiness should some bad guy show up and need his ass kicked.


Tim in New Zealand Tim taking in some snow-capped views in New Zealand


I think Woodford Folk Festival in Queensland is just the most wonderful place to play. For a whole week people really get lost in the vibe of the festival and shows there always have a real sense of excitement about them because audience connection there is second to none.


Rather than a large show I think the best musical experience I've had overseas was the time I spent in Cubaat a place called Casa de la Musica where every night the most amazing musicians and dancers filling the courtyard with locals and travellers alike. They would have anywhere from 8-12 members play with a HUGE percussion section laying down the most beautiful rhythms I could barely even keep track of! All the locals are brought up with such an incredible sense of these rhythms and it shows in the beautiful dancing that seems like second nature to them all, I wish we had some of that here!


Ladyhawke Tim on tour with Ladyhawke

Touring can be pretty structured and busy without a whole heap of time to really enjoy everything a place has to offer but there are always opportunities to get away and observe. Travelling alone is a wonderful opportunity to become that invisible stranger that can just float through a city and watch without being interrupted but to be with friends making up plans as you go and taking on extra travellers is a wonderful experience too.



I'm going to be spending time in Australia for the next six months with an east coast tour and then a trip to WA is in the works. Later in the year I'll be chasing summer back over in Europe. There are also whispers of a festival in China this year so who knows. I've always wanted to do the Trans Siberian Rail journey.


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