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Chase an endless summer with these unexpected surf spots

Published March 4th, 2013


Tanned beach babes around Australia are in mourning this week with the loss of yet another summer. Autumn is here and the days of 6am surfs and bikini-clad bodies are slowly fading into the sunset. But before you let those salty tears out, you might want to consider prolonging your summer surf sessions overseas. Her we list some unexpect surf spots to help you live out your own Endless Summer. And while you’re at it, you should really check out the movie Endless Summer, it’s an absolute classic.



More famous for its in-land adventures than its coastal pursuits, it will surprise you to know that Bangladesh is home to the longest beach in the world. Spanning 140 kilometres in total Cox’s Beach is where warm waters crash in waves along a stretch of pristine sand. For short board waves, Cox’s Beach enjoys fantastic breaks from March to December, while January to February is more suitable for longboards.




When you think of surfing in South America, most people tend to look to the beaches of Brazil or Chile. While travellers attribute these countries of having some of the best surf in the southern hemisphere, Latin Americans favour the waves of Uruguay. While much of the coastline enjoys surf-able conditions, it’s the small city of Punta del Este and its sandy surrounds that attracts most professional surfers.




The surf is both legendary and remote in Namibia. A simple morning stroll through some dunes doesn’t really apply to this African country’s coastline. The beaches can be hard to get to, the roads are patrolled by armed diamond miners and the waters are incredibly shark friendly. But for all its notorious difficulties, if you’re serious about surfing, you won’t be disappointed. Just look at those crazy long barrels being ridden by Marc Lacomare in the below video.



Nope, that’s not a mistake. While it may be famous for its wine regions, historic cities and calm Riviera waters, France is actually home to some killer breaks. You’ll find them along the south-west coast of the country, particularly along the beach at Hossegor, where surfing is the town’s number one money earner. So good is the surf that Hossegor hosts the Quicksilver Pro France every year in September. What most surfers love about this stretch of beach (the longest uninterrupted stretch of sand beach in Europe) is it’s super-hollow beach breaks, of which there tend to be many due to the sand bars and lagoons of sand - a result of the small rivers and streams that flow into the ocean nearby.




You would think China and surfing make about as much sense as Moe Szyslack and Kim Kardashian, but unlike the unlikely cartoon/reality star pairing, a surfing destination in China actually does exist. For all its super cities and majestic hinterland, China’s has its own version of Hawaii – Hainan Island - found in the South China Sea. With a sheltered coastline thanks to neighbouring countries, Hainan enjoys long-distance storm wells and a number of surf schools on hand to teach both local and international travellers the ways of surfing in China. For the best surfing conditions, hit up Hainan Island between October and February.



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