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The dos and don’ts of ski holidays

Published March 27th, 2013

I know it probably doesn't quite feel like it now, but winter is on its way. Its coming I promise you. See: 


It’s true. And so with winter comes mid-year breaks and with mid-year breaks comes the ideal time to go skiing in Australia and New Zealand. If you’ve never been on a skiing holiday, you really should. Not only are they super fun but ski holidays are a great way to spend a week or so letting off steam, getting exercise in the great outdoors and drinking lots of hot chocolates without feeling one ounce of guilt. Preach!


But before you book those cheap flights and strap on those skis, check out our dos and don’ts of ski holidays first. Otherwise you might end up like this:



DO opt for the all-inclusive option

More often than not ski packages are cheaper than booking things individually, not to mention easier, particularly if this is your first ski holiday.


DON’T forget about ski-passes

When booking your holiday, opt for a package that includes a ski-pass. Some packages will include the lift-pass with your accommodation, allowing you to pay for it in advance, rather than taking a huge chunk out of your spending money on your first day of skiing.


DO take ski lessons

It may look simple, stand and slide, but skiing is deceptively hard. Particularly the stopping part. It also comes as a shock to most beginners that there are no breaks involved. It all comes down to the position of your feet and knees, which are best learnt on a ski lesson.



DON’T let your friends teach you

No matter how good they are, you’re friends really don’t know what they are doing. So don’t let them teach you. There’s nothing like a skiing accident to ruin a friendship.


DO get insurance

While most skiers are bound to leave their holiday with nothing but defined calves and a new love of skiing, some do leave with pulled muscles, broken bones and snow damaged iPhones. The risk is there, hence why travel insurance is a must.



DON’T bother buying your own gear

Unless you plan on chasing an endless winter or are a hopeful for the winter Olympics, there’s no real reason for you to bother buying ski gear. Instead, opt to hire it. Generally speaking, the further away from the ski field, the cheaper it is to hire, so hire gear from your home town and save yourself a fortune.


DO have a go at snowboarding

If you’ve ever managed to successfully stand on a skateboard or surfboard for longer than 5 seconds then you should try snowboarding, also known as skiing’s cooler cousin.



DON’T be put off if you can’t get up straight away

If you’ve never managed to successfully stand on a skateboard or snowboard period, then snowboarding may prove more difficult than it looks. Especially the actual getting up part.


Lauren Burvill

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