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World's hippest hipster cities

Published March 20th, 2013

Think you know your soy orange mocha frappucinos from your double shot skinny venti lattes? Prefer the earlier albums of the Black Keys before everyone jumped on the ‘Lonely Boy’ bandwagon? When someone mentions ‘beach house’ do you automatically assume they mean the band? Have you asked yourself whether you’re a ‘Jessa’ or a ‘Hannah’? Own a pair of tan loafers or anything from Opening Ceremony? Then congratulations my friend. You a quite the hipster indeed. As such, these hipster cities are ideal for your next hipster holiday, complete with underground music festivals, art galleries and plenty of Urban Outfitters stores.



Seattle, USA

When Kurt Cobain donned a flannel shirt and roared about teen spirit, a hipster got its wings, or should that be – skinny jeans? First the town of grunge, Seattle is now the original home of the hipster. Where grunge has grown to become more a fashion style with a $$$ price tag, along with ‘geek chic’ and ‘fauxhemian.’ Where beards are thick, beer is micro-brewed, bicycles are fixies and practically everyone works as a barista in the South Lake Union area.


Extra hipster points if you: spend a night out at King’s Hardware in Ballard watching people play skee-ball.



Tokyo, Japan

Trust the youth-culture-crazed city of Tokyo to be covered in hipsters like Zooey Deschanel on tumblr. With instagram-worthy sushi, ironic karaoke lounges and the best street style this side of Paris Fashion Week, Tokyo is practically hipster heaven. Where everything is clean, neat and easily accessed with a subway ride or a click of a button. It’s kitsch, strange and ideal for living out a ‘Lost In Translation’ moment – BYO pink wig. For some hipster-friendly fun, don’t miss the quirky restaurants of Shimokitazawa and live music venues in Shinjuku.


Extra hipster points if you: rock out to an all-girl Japanese punk band no one has ever heard of in Koenji or have dinner at a weird theme restaurant like The Lockup or Ninja.



Berlin, German

Where graffiti has become an art form, every club plays electro andperformance artist’ is considered a legitimate job, Berlin is Europe’s nominated hipster mecca. Where skinny jeaned folk from all over the continent converge to enjoy outdoor karaoke in Mauer Park, drink under fake Christmas trees at O Tannenbaum and perfect their lomography skills with the city’s photography mentor workshops.


Extra hipster points if you: enjoy a game of 3am ping pong at Dr Pong over cheap beers or enjoy a pizza during a live punk performance at I Due Forni.



London, United Kingdom

London, or more specifically East London, seems to be where the hipsters from Melbourne go once they’ve run out of local organic coffee carts. Luckily for them, London has plenty of coffee spots on offer, and tattoo parlours and record stores and mac stations.  While the boroughs are always changing, at the moment the best places for a vegan breakfast with kale and free wi-fi are Dalston, Hackney and London Fields. Dalston in particular is pumping at the moment with The XX beats, Vince Noir doppelgangers and its own Vice TV show.


Extra hipster points if you: get snapped by a street style photographer on Brick Lane or enjoy a tea dance at the Spitalfields Market.


Lauren Burvill

Australian born but London based, I'm a sucker for big cities and small tropical islands. When travelling, I like eating like a local, dressing like a local, but staying in 5 star style. Have a travel story to share? Tweet me @laurenburvill.