grilled sexual harrassment


Top 10 hilarious engrish signs

Published April 17th, 2013

Who doesn’t love a lost in translation lol. Where a sign trying to communicate something simple gets it oh so horribly wrong. While many of you may have come across a hilarious engrish sign throughout your travels, for those who haven’t, may we introduce the website, dedicated home of all things engrish. Here we run through our ten favourites. Let the lols begin.


 Hmmm I prefer my babies fried thanks. 


Because you should only drink a car when you're sober durr!!


Eingsh is the new Engrish


And you DON'T want to be punished


Fale = fail


Sexual harassment comes in many forms - grilled, deep-fried, oven baked.


Because we all know killer litter can be so dangerous, being able to kill and all.


Like you know, whatever.


Free boiling water toilet?! And to think all this time I've been paying for it.


Oh yes let's!


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