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Published May 10th, 2013
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Instagram is more than just a repository for shameless selfies (to be fair, it’s not your fault you were born so devilishly photogenic). It’s also an easy way to document your travel experiences and allows us to live vicariously through the images of others on their overseas exploits. Your Insta-feed is even available on the World Wide Web now, so all your hipster friends who opt for vintage Nokia 3315s can see your pics all warmed up with a Valencia filter or decked out in super contrasty goodness with Lo-Fi. Who even uses 1977 or Kelvin? They’re at the end of the filter chain for a reason.


Sure, IG may now be owned by the almighty Lord Zuckerberg but its original appeal lives on: the ability to share intimate life moments with millions of strangers instantly like an album of virtual Polaroids. After extensive time wasting research trawling through countless snapshots of brunches, beaches, street style and cats (so many cats), I present to you 11 travel-related Instagram accounts you should follow, be jealous of and inspired by. #Instatravel #Travelgram #HashtagsEqualLove. Oh, and you can also stalk our very own IG account at @StudentFlightsAU - woohoo!



Break-dancer, marine biologist and photographer? Wrap him up, I’ll take him to go. Travel/nature videographer Mike Corey shoots everything from swimming with pigs in the Bahamas to, more recently, capturing the sunrise over Maasai village in Kenya.



Her name is Seattle but she’s from Toronto. Go figure! If you enjoy a bit of fisheye action and snow-capped awesomeness, you’re in luck. The fulltime travel blogger loves to chow down in Southern Italy and party in Nimbin. Wait, what?



Former legal eagle Jodie swapped the courts for the cafes and now travels the world in search of her next cultural feast. She spends a lot of time in South East Asia eating lemongrass snails and magic purple soup. Yep.



Proof the iPhone can take a damn fine picture, especially when you have an impressive global canvas like surfie Chris does. Skiing in Switzerland, snorkelling the Phi Phi Islands, glacier hiking in NZ? Stop it, Chris. Just stop.



Move over Brangelina, there’s a new power couple roaming the globe. Daniel Noll and Audrey Scott travel ‘deep and offbeat’, capturing New Zealand’s rustic landscapes, Prague’s cobbled streets and all the pretties in between.



Satisfy your travelosity and soak in the travelspiration with German-born Yvonne’s travelous photolog. Yvonne has a penchant for Balinese monkeys, Irish guys dressed up like the pope and crunchy, nutritious crickets.



Chris Richardson enjoys long walks on the beach and ice cold beer. A fellow Aussie, Chris is taking one for the team and living the dream. He travels around Oz too, so you can see a bit of your own backyard.



From cocktails in St Lucia to burgers in LA, Sweden-based Larissa swapped her point-and-shoot camera for a trusty iPhone and has been snapping away ever since. Currently she is ice fishing in Finland, as you do.



Trust your fellow Travel Dudes to show you the big, wide world through crowd-sourced imagery. One day you’ll be at the Holi One festival in Johannesburg, the next day you’ll be shredding the slopes in Whistler, BC.



Whoever the 13th witness is, their travel shots are pure sex. Showing new angles in New York of iconic architecture and the Manhattan cityscape, 13-W is a pro at making you wish you were there. Big time.



London lady Monica is Instagramming India as we speak and shortly she’s off to West Africa’s Gambia – again! Disclaimer: she often uses a legit camera to capture the moment, but the magic is all in the filters.


Essential Instamoments so you too can be as awesome as these guys:

Make sure you capture (a) the wing of your plane en route to your destination, (b) weird food you eat with extra points if the photo is actually of you eating it, (c) any iconic monument at sunrise or sunset, (d) touristy behaviours like pushing the Leaning Tower of Pisa (e) you looking pensively out across crazy beautiful vistas while the rest of us trawl Instagram in our pyjamas eating Ben & Jerry’s straight out of the tub.



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